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Leishou Ancient City

Leizhou City, located in the central part of the Leizhou Peninsula at the southernmost end of the Chinese mainland, is the only county-level city in Guangdong province that is honored as a state-listed famous historical and culture city. It enjoys advantageous natural conditions, and is reputed as a land of milk and honey.With a long history, Leizhou boasts rich cultural heritages. It was a center of politics, economy and culture in the Leizhou Peninsula in ancient times.Due to historical and geological reasons, Leizhou became a converging place of cultures brought by immigrants from South Fujian and from the Central Plains, to form its own unique Leizhou culture -- one of the four major regional cultures in Guangdong province.

What to see ?

Leizhou has beautiful natural scenery, including the eight great sites in old Leizhou, such as its West Lake and the inscriptions at the Goose Pagoda, as well as newer scenic spots like the Tiancheng Terrace, Gaoshan Temple, and Baolin Buddhist Temple. Attractions: Lei Ancestor's Temple, Tianning Temple, Sanyuan Ancient Tower, West Lake Park, Leizhou City Museum.

Sanyuan Tower

The construction of the Sanyuan Tower started at the beginning of the 41st year (1613) of the Wanli Reign of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and ended in 43rd year (1615) of the Wanli Reign of the Ming Dynasty. It was first named "Wenqui Tower" and is also known as the "Qixiu Tower". The construction workers found three snake eggs when they were laying the foundation of the tower, thus the name "Sanyuan Tower"(meaning three new life). Facing the west, the Tower is a brick and wood structure and the protruding eaves consist of different kinds of bricks. The inside tower is a 17-story structure measuring 57 meters high. The tower base is made up of pedestals similar to that of the Buddha's statue. There are altogether 23 carved stone pieces, which have bold unconstrained lines and vividly carved images. The Tower is a hollowed structure, so tourists can walk up the stairs to get a better view of the ancient town.

There are the Two Scholars' Shrine, which honors two scholars in Leizhou during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911); Chen Bin famous for his honesty and uprightness and Chen Changqi famous for his erudition.

Folk customs in Leizhou are very colorful. Nuo Dance and the Flower Spreading Dance are prevalent in the region at ceremonies to expel demons and bring good luck and a good harvest. Lei songs and Lei dramas are performed in the local Leizhou dialect.

The roughly carved stone dog statues that can be spotted at the entrances to village, on ancient roads and ancient gates in Leizhou are the gem of the region's time-honored unique culture. The stone dog is a unique form of art and culture belonging to the Leizhou Peninsula, which is rarely seen in other places in China and the world.

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