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Dongshan Hot Spring

Located in a picturesque natural reservation, Dadongshan hot spring is under the covering of thick green trees in the mountain. It is in a crude state that deposits wholesome natural subsistence and minerals curing skin disease.

On these beautiful spot, one could enjoy the views and songs from birds when comfortably immersing in the hot water. While right down the mountain foot, it turns cooler. The clear and cool water may refresh one mentally and physically in the humid summer days.

Ten-minute's walking away from the hot spring, a waterfall with 50 meters high and 20 meters wide falls. One might mistake it for a full-length bead curtain running down from the rock if not for the thunderous sound haunting around the ears.

Location: Dadongshan natural reservation, Chaotian township, Lianzhou county, Qingyuan city

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