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Qing Ao Bay

Qingao Bay1.jpgQing Ao Bay lies to the east of Nan Ao Island, 11 kilometers (about 7 miles) away from the Nan Ao County in Guangdong Province. The bay is one of the two A-grade natural bathing beaches in Guangdong and boasts the reputation of 'Hawaii in East' and 'Heaven Pool of Swimmers'.

It is a lune-shaped bay 2.9 kilometers long (about 1.8 miles). The bay covers an area of 1 square kilometers (about 247 acres), and the jade-blue seawater is mirrorlike in its clarity. The overall look of this bay is of a huge blue moon. The bay boasts a fine soft sand beach which is 100 meters (about 109 yards) wide with a length of 2.4 kilometers (about 1.5 miles). The sand beach stretches into the sea in a gentle slope, and the seawater here is only 5-10 meters (about 3-5 fathoms) deep. It is a perfect natural bathing place.

Not far from the beach, there is the windbreak of casuarinas. It covers an area of 0.35 square kilometers (about 86 acres). Among the trees, stand various newly built pavilions. One of them is called 'Lanyue Pavilion' (Watching Moon Pavilion). Standing in this pavilion, one could see the clear blue water touching on the white soft sand beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Around the bay, there are many hotels and the amusement park which provide conveniences and joy for your tour to the Qing Ao Bay. The Haiwan Hotel, facing the soft sand beach, possesses a beautiful view of the sea. It is the only 3-star hotel in Nan Ao. This hotel provides comfortable rooms and considerate service as well as amenities like a fitness center, and assembly rooms. The amusements here include motor-boating and the parachute, and will add to your enjoyment.

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