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Shantou Citic Resort

citi.jpgLocated in Haojiang District of Shantou City, the Shantou Citic Resort, or Citic Golf Resort is an environmentally friendly resort of vast rolling greens. The beautiful seashore, continuous coastlines, elegant "European garden style" villas and perfect service facilities make the resort a fabulous destination for tourism, entertainment and business.

Lying on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, the resort is endowed with enchanting natural scenery, pleasant climate and elegant surroundings. Therefore, it has earned the reputation of a 'Natural Oxygen Bar'. Incessant streams of visitors spend their vacations here every year. In the resort, outstanding works of famous painters line the halls, dining rooms and guests rooms. Varied exhibitions of paintings and calligraphy are held from time to time.

The layout of the resort follows the traditional style of Chinese gardens, displaying a refreshing rural scene which greatly contrasts with the congested downtown areas. The twenty-eight exquisite villas of two or three floors apiece nestle snugly in the carefully arranged tropical trees. Winding paths connect the villas with the seashores.

Relaying on the advantage of sea, the Citic Resort is a natural place for a swim, as the water is clean and the sand is soft. It is also a good place for sailing since strong winds frequently blow around the projecting coastlines. Other activities, such as diving, fishing, rowing, volleyball, football, sand beach karting, sand sculpture, bungee jumping, swimming, barbecue, night clubs, sauna centers and the children's entertainment place will provide hours of enjoyment.

Citic Golf Course

Nestling the hills, the Citic Golf Course takes up about 160 hectares (395 acres). Such a court-like modern course is the first such course in China which completely adopts the American-style Tif Eagle as the green. The majestic course was designed by world-famous designer PEARSON GOLF DESIGN according to the local terrain. The golf course provides Chinese and European banqueting halls, guest rooms, dressing rooms, VIP rooms, stores selling sets of golf clubs and vast areas of driving range. More than forty rare animals and plants kept in the course will be a great eye opener for you!

Citic Resort Hotel

Covering an area of 33.3 hectares (82.4 acres), the Citic Resort Hotel in the Resort is well equipped with various service facilities, including spacious meeting rooms, fitness centers, and ballrooms. The comfortable guest rooms and multi-functional banqueting halls will provide you with cozy lodging and delectable Guangdong cuisine and delicious seafood.

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