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​Queshi Scenic Area

Queshi Scenic Area is separated from the city by the Que Shi Sea in the south of the Shantou Gulf. Surrounded by vast stretches of blue water on three sides, it is just like a miniature garden sitting in the sea. Characterized by superb subtropical beaches and seashore scenery, the scenic spot is an excellent integration of imposing sea, magnificent mountains, rare stones and mysterious caves.
In this scenic spot, the 43 hills presenting different postures are covered with evergreen trees and decorated naturally with crystal-clear springs, providing a nice escape from the summer heat. Climbing up and standing on the top of the hills, you can have a bird's-eye view of the entire gulf and you will be captivated by the picturesque marine beauty. Along its coastline, the beautiful beaches and seashore bathhouses enable you to enjoy the inviting sea water as well as other sea-related entertainments. The scenic spot is divided into six parts, respectively, Entry, Tashan Scenic Spot, Yanfeng Scenic Spot, Su'an Scenic Spot, Xianglu Hill and Bijia Hill.
The entry sits to the north of the scenic spot, and is the marine gateway between Shantou City and the scenic spot. It features historical western style buildings which were built in the past centuries, including the former British Consulate, the former Germany Consulate, church, customhouses and HSBC Banks. In addition, there is also natural attraction such as the Seashore Park which covers an area of over 14 hectares (35 acres). The park consists of the East Lake and the West Lake; the former is now a natatorium and aquatic amusement place and the latter is a fishing village.

Tashan Scenic Spot

Sitting in the center of Queshi Scenic Spot, Tashan Scenic Spot is recommended for its delicate pavilions and mysterious caves. The famous Piaoran Pavilion is erected on a hilltop of 120 meters (394 feet) high. Crowned with a shining gilded ball, the two-storey structure has six pillars and golden yellow glazed tiles. The upper floor is equipped with safety chairs and round tables, providing for tourists to entertain themselves.
This place is also well known for its granite geography. You can see various shaped granite stones on the hills. They are in the form of human beings or animals or plants, leaving you to imagine beautiful stories about them. The 1,200-meter (3,937 feet) long Chuihong Cave is composed of nineteen varied granite caves and it is the longest one of its kind in China. With small caves inserted in or connected to other caves, this spectacular cave is mysteriously deep and magnificent; therefore, it is reputed as the top attraction of Chaoshan Area.

Su'an Scenic Spot

It is located in the south and is surrounded by hills on three sides. Being the site of Su'an Village, it is marked by rural scenery and folk customs. In this simple village which is filled with a strong rural life atmosphere, you can appreciate the rare flowers, exotic plants, and young shepherds herding the cattle. In the future, the Su'an Village will be a tourist resort imbued with dense Chaoshan culture.
Xianglu Hill lies in the southwest and connects with the Su'an Scenic Spot in the east. Two vast stones stand on the highest peak which has an elevation of about 198 meters (650 feet). Climbing, camping, picnic and fishing are popular there. Bijia Hill is in the east of the scenic area, and the three peaks of the hill stand in a row in face of the sea. 

Yanfeng Scenic Spot

This attraction is remarkable for its picturesque hills, steep gorges, grotesque rocks and deep caves. The You Gu Song Tao (soughing of the pines in retired valley) is encircled by stone paths of about 2,000 meters (6,562 feet) long. Six natural caves and more than ten pavilions are scattered in this spot. When winds come, there will be continuous soughing of the pine trees, sounding like roaring ocean waves. The refreshing air and the enchanting natural beauty will make you want to linger with no thought of leaving.
Statues of Chinese immortals are enshrined in the Baihuajian Temple of Tiantan Garden. The front part of the temple was built in the style of temples of Chaoshan Area, while the rear part took on the shape of a palace. Two stone lions, two kapok trees, two ancient cooking vessels and two pillars engraved with entwining dragons stand in front of the temple. Being a combination of various precious folk arts, the temple reflects vivid culture of Chaoshan Area.
In Yanfeng Scenic Spot, the huge stones are piled up, forming thousands of caves with a great variety of shapes, such as White Rabbit Cave, Dragon Spring Cave, Lion Cave and Elephant Cave. There is also an astonishing stone forest which is shaped by the seawater. Countless stone pillars and stalagmites of infinite shapes spring up over the sea, and, when lashed by the waves, the stone forest presents an imposing view.

Admission Fees:

Tashan Scenic SpotCNY 10
Yanfeng Scenic SpotCNY 10
Dragon Spring CaveCNY 6
Combined tickets of Tashan Scenic Spot and Yanfeng Scenic SpotCNY15

Opening Hours: 07:30-17:30
Tickets of the scenic spots are sold separately, and tourists can choose to visit their desired areas that they wish to visit.

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