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Lotus Peak

Luts Peak.jpgLotus Peak, lying in Chaoyang District of Shantou City, is one of the popular tourist resorts in east Guangdong Province. With its reputable cultural and charming coastal sights, the peak was honored as the first Grade AAA Tourist Zone of Guangdong Province in 2001.

Lotus Peak got its name in 1278 when the army of Yuan (1271-1368) Court chased the Southern Song. As the leader of the reinforcements, Wen Tianxiang (a famous patriotic poet and official minister of Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)) stood on the peak to look for the Song Emperor. Then he found that the shape of the peak looked like a blooming lotus and named it by carving the 'Lotus Peak' on a piece of stone.

Maybe under the influence of Wen Tianxiang, hundreds of poems and inscriptions have been left on the stones here. Various in chirography and rich in content, these giant stone carvings have been praised as a monumental book of stone-annals. The main cultural sites of Lotus Peak include Stone Statue of Wen Tianxiang, Zhongxian (Loyalty and Wisdom) Hall, Ancient Emplacement, and the Mass Burial Ground.

Among them, Zhongxian Ci was originally built in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) to commemorate Wen Tianxiang. It was enlarged as 'Lotus Peak Academy' in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Visitors can appreciate numerous plaques displayed in this hall, especially two pieces of carved stones of Wen Tianxiang's calligraphy.

In addition, Lotus Peak is endowed with natural coastal scenery which provides visitors a fantastic visual enjoyment. The major peak is made up of a pile of moorstones in the shape of a petal. Seen from the shore, it appears like a lotus bud, while overlooked from the sea, it looks like a lotus in full blossom. (Special yachts are available on the shore for visitors to have a view of the Lotus Peak on the sea).

Standing on the peak and facing the sea, you can appreciate the boundless sea connected with the blue sky at the other side of the world. Strolling on the west shore, you will amaze at the omni-form rocks. Lying on the white sand and enjoying a sunbath, visitors can spend leisure time on the lido of the east shore.

Travel Tips

Special local snacks: beef balls, baked oyster and lobster with lettuce. The Chaoshan Gourmet Festival is held annually in November.

Transportation: It is about 16 miles away from Shantou Airport and only two miles away from Haimen Passageway of Shenshan Expressway. Buses are available to the scenic spot.

Entrance Fee: CNY 20

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