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Zhanjiang City

Zhanjiang City is located in the southwest of Guangdong Province. It is situated in Leizhou Peninsular, neighboring the South Sea in the east and Beibu Gulf in the west. The city is separated from Hainan Province by Qiongzhou Strait.

Zhanjiang Facts

Chinese Name: 湛江 (zhàn jiāng)
Population: 7,130,000
Area: 12,490 square kilometers (4,822 square miles)
Nationalities: Han

Administrative Division:4 districts (Chikan, Xiashan, Potou, Mazhang); 3 county-level cities (Wuchuan, Lianjiang, Laizhou); 2 counties (Suixi, Xuwen)

History of Zhanjiang

During the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC), the area of today's Zhanjiang belonged to Xiang Shire and the central government of the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) set Xuwen County administering the whole Leizhou Peninsular. It was one of the earliest departure points on the Marine Silk Road. After the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties, this area began moving forward with big strides. Zhanjiang was a small fishing port when it was under French occupation in the early 20th century - named Fort Bayard - and some old colonial buildings still survive. Now it is a rapidly developing modern city.

What to see in Zhanjiang ?

Most of the land of the city is peninsular or islands. The terrain slopes downward from the north to the south. A plain forms the major area of the city. Its mountainous area is in the northern part of the city. Here lists the most popular atttractions in Zhanjiang.

Zhanjiang Haibin ParkLeishou Ancient CityDonghai Island

             Zhanjiang Haibin Park

              Leishou Ancient City

                    Donghai Island
Naozhou IslandHuguangyan Scenic AreaLeizhou Bay Wetlands
               Naozhou Island              Huguangyan Scenic Area               Leizhou Bay Wetlands

When to visit Zhanjiang?

Zhanjiang enjoys a tropical and subtropical monsoon climate with low altitudes, north of the tropic of cancer. Influenced by the ocean climate, Zhanjiang escapes the heat of the summer and chilliness of the winter.
Best time to Go: Zhanjiang is favorable for visiting at any season because of its comfortable weather.

How to get to Zhanjiang?

By Air: Zhanjiang Airport is the only airport in western Guangdong Province. It is only about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from the downtown area of the city.

Zhanjiang Airport:

Address: 24, Jichang Rd, Xiashan

Tel: 0759-3255002

How to get there: Take the special bus for airport (SBA)

By Train: Zhanjiang is at the base of the Leizhou peninsula that points toward the island province Hainan. Travellers often pass through Zhanjiang en route to Hainan. There are trains and buses to and from nearby mainland cities and boats to Haikou, capital of Hainan. The boat is an hour bus ride away from Zhanjiang.

There are three train stations and a small airport that service Zhanjiang. Buses also run daily to most nearby cities. The downtown bus terminal next to the downtown train station (end of Jiefang West Rd) has one bus daily to Kaiping at 14:00.

By Bus: A bus runs daily from Zhanjiang to Hong Kong (8 hours) via Shenzhen and tickets are ¥280 at the travel agency's office in Chikan District.

By Water: Zhanjiang Port, in the southeast part of the city proper, once had passenger transport station operating liner to reach Haikou. However, there are no longer passenger liners directly from the city proper to Haikou. Visitors should go to the Hai'an Dock in Xuwen County for this connection.

Zhanjiang Travel Tips

Useful Numbers:
Tourist Complaint: 0759-2262444
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip Code Inquiry: 184
Bank of China: 0759-3380233

Local Products: sea food, pearl, sugarcane, blood orange, litchi, sweet potato

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