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Qingyuan City

Qingyuan was established as a prefecture level city in 1988. Situated in the northern part of Guangdong province, Qingyuan city connects Guangzhou, the capital of the province, to the south, Hunan province to the north, Shaoguan city to the east and Guangxi Gui Autonomous Region to the west. It is an up and coming city with abundant resources, unique people, picturesque landscapes and a beautiful environment. It is known as “the backyard garden of Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta".

Qingyuan Facts

Chinese Name: 清远 (qīng yuǎn)
Population: 3,900,000
Area: 19,015 square kilometers (7,342 square miles)
Nationalities: Han,Yao,Zhuang

Administrative Division:1 district (Qingchen); 3 counties (Fogang, Yangshan, Qingxin); 2 autonomous counties (Lianshan Zhuang Autonomous County, Liannan Yao Autonomous County); 2 county-level cities (Yingde, Lianzhou)

History of Qingyuan

Before the Qin Dynasty (220-206 BC) united China, this area was inhabited by many ancient minorities in South China, generally called Bai Yue. Qingyuan region partly belonged to Nanhai Shire and Changsha Shire during the Qin Dynasty. In the early Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD220), it was governed by the Nanyue State, and the central government conquered it and brought this region into the Guiyang Shire later. Present Qingyuan city was established in 1988.

What to see in Qingtuan?

Lying in the linking area between the Pearl River Delta and the mountainous region in northern Guangdong, Qingyuan boasts the vastest area among cities in the province. The terrain is higher in the northwest and lower in the southeast. Plains, hills, mountains and karst landform coexist in the city.

Qingyuan have some of the richest tourism resources of the whole province. In 2002, it was awarded the title of “Excellent Tourist City in China” by the State. It has more than 70 tourist attractions, including 8 national AAAA scenic spots, making it the prefecture-level city with the most national AAAA scenic spots in the province. Qingyuan’s main tourist draws are fivefold: "hot springs, rafting, mountains and water, karst caves, and folk customs”.

Sanpai Yao VillageDongshan Hot SpringGuangdong Number One Peak
Sanpai Yao Village
Dongshan Hot Spring
Guangdong Number One Peak
Lianzhou Underground RiverYangshan Magic Pen Mountain Qingxin Hot Spring
Lianzhou Underground River
Yangshan Magic Pen Mountain
Qingxin Hot Spring

When to visit Qingyuan?

Qingyuan City is just north of the Pearl River Delta in a diverse landscape with both plains and mountains. Qingyuan enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate, with an annual average temperature of 21C (70F). January and July has the extreme weather of the city. April to October is a damp season and the rainfall mainly concentrates on this period. Usually, Qingyuan do not have cold winters.The climate is subtropical monsoon with plenty of rain in the summer half and not too cold winters. 

Qingyuan is an all-year-round destination. During April to October, adequate rainfall and beautiful natural sceneries contribute to the most charming Qingyuan in a year.

How to get to Qingyuan?

Qingyuan has an advanced traffic network. In downtown Qingyuan, there are two main bus stations, the old one and the new one. From these bus stations, visitors can get to local scenic spots scattered all over the counties and cities there, and they can also take buses to Hong Kong for 4.5 hours, Guangzhou for about 1.5 hours and Shenzhen for 2.5 hours. Generally speaking, getting in and out of Qingyuan City is much convenient. Noted is that the city is only 30 kilometers (19 miles) from the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

Qingyuan Travel Tips

Useful Telephone Numbers:
Tourist Complaints: 0763-3364098
Tourist Inquiries: 0763-3123811, 3123822, 6816628
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip Code Inquiry: 184

Special Local product: tea, crystal pear, Shatian pomelo

Qingyuan chicken, Wuzong goose and Luokeng bamboo root are just a couple of a number of delicacies the city has to offer. The city also boasts many exciting festive activities such as the annual “Drafting Kickoff Festival”, the Fogang “Tofu Festival” and the Yingde “Stone Festival” Each event demonstrates and adds to the charm of Qingyuan. Hot springs, drafting, karst caves, mountains and water, folk customs, the beauty and charms of Qingyuan are endless.

Yao & Zhuang Ethnic Mionority in Qingyuan

Two of Guangdong’s three ethnic minority autonomous counties are to be found in Qingyuan: Liannan Yao autonomous county and Lianshan Zhuang autonomous county. The presence of these minorities has had a great impact on the city. The millennial Yao village scenic area in Liannan, Yao people’s “King Pan Festival and singing party” and the water festival at Zhuang villages in Liannan have attracted countless domestic and foreign tourists. The city is now making efforts to establish itself as a “world center of Yao culture and art” and fully take advantage of the area’s intangible cultural heritage and unique ethnic characteristics.

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