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Shantou City

Shantou City is located in the southeastern corner of Guangdong Province. Boarding on the South Sea, the city is one of the most important open-to-the-world harbors both in the Guangdong Province and in China. As one of the five special economic zones of China, it uses its convenient geographic location to its advantage and has accepted many foreign investments. Shantou has economic relations with 165 countries. Over 50 multinational corporations and 11 of the world's top 500 enterprises have investments in the city, giving the city the seventh best rate of commerce among all cities in China.

Shantou Facts

Chinese Name:  汕头 shàn tōu
Dialing Code: 0754
Location: East of Guangdong Province
Area: 2,064 square kilometers (about 510, 026 acres)
Population: 5,391,028
City Flower: Kingcup and Orchid
Dialing Code: 0754
Postal Code: 515000

History of Shantou

Shantou was a fishing village part of Tuojiang City, Jieyang District during the Song Dynasty. It came to be Xialing during the Yuan Dynasty. In 1563, Shantou was a part of Chenghai District in Chao Prefecture (Chaozhou). As early as 1574, Shantou had been called Shashan Ping. In the seventeenth century, a cannon platform called Shashan Toupaotai was made here, and the placename later was shortened to "Shantou". Shantou became a city in 1919, and was separated from Chenghai in 1921. 1922 saw the devastating Swatow Typhoon, which killed 50,000 out of the 65,000 people then inhabiting the city. In the 1930s, Shantou Port was a transport hub and merchandise distribution centre for Southeast China; its cargo throughput ranked third in the nation.

What to see in Shantou?

Long coastal lines and a pleasant subtropical marine climate provide Shantou with many charming tourist attractions. Beautiful mountains, natural beaches, and exquisite islands, together with the marine scenery that surrounds the harbor, form a breathtaking environment that is especially attractive to those who want to escape the busy life. The locals use their rich seaside resources to set up many resort villages that provide sound facilities and services for the tourists. In addition, the Tropic of Cancer traverses the city, making it a wonderful place to feel the instant alternation of spring and summer in China.

Qing Ao BayChen Cihong's Former ResidenceNanao Island
              Qing Ao Bay

Chen Cihong's Former Residence

                     Nanao Island

Queshi Scenic AreaZhongshan Park Shantou Citic Resort

            Queshi Scenic Area

               Zhongshan Park

             Shantou Citic Resort

When to visit Shantou?

Shantou weather is blessed with mild and humid air as well as abundant sunshine because the city belongs to the subtropical marine and monsoon climate zone. The average temperature per year is about 22C (72F). The hottest months are July and August with maximum temperatures of 36C (97F) to 40C (104F). Winter weather of Shantou is relatively warm with temperatures of above 0C (32F). The climate is thus pleasant almost all year round, except for in summer. You can arrange your trip to avoid the hottest months. Before you arrive, make sure to bring enough spring and summer clothes. However, rain is frequent from April to September, so remember to take an umbrella when traveling to the wonderful place during this period of time.

How to get to Shantou?

By Air: Transportation in Shantou is quite efficient as it is easily accessible by land, sea, or air. Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport is located about 18 miles (29 kilometers) away from the center city of Shantou and is a hub for 20 schedule flights currently connecting with many cities both in China and other countries including Bangkok and Singapore.

By Train:  Chaoshan Railway Station and Shantou Railway Station connect the city with almost all big cities and tourism cities in China including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Fuzhou.

By Water:  Shantou Harbor has cargo ships that connect to over 210 harbors around the world. It also has passenger ships that sail to many of China's port cities, such as Hong KongGuangzhou and Hainan Island

By Highway: Highways in the city are also well developed and provide easy access to Shenzhen and Xiamen. It takes only about three hours to reach either of these cities by long distance bus. Until nowadays, Shantou subway is not available. Subway line 1, line 2 and line 3 are expected to serve the public by 2020.

Shantou Travel Tips

Shantou is one of the primary hometowns of Chinese who are living abroad. The local natives are scattered around the globe and can be found in over 40 regions and countries of the world. Those who have left the city often invest in their hometown and come back to work together with the locals. The exotic culture that they bring back to the city is then mixed with the traditional culture, forming a particular local flavor. The Chao music is well known for its dulcet melody, varying rhythms and peculiar instruments while the Chao opera is renowned for its beautiful aria and various playing roles.

Festivals in Shantou: The city holds the International Tourism and Culture Festival every year in October or November. During the festival, you can enjoy the delicious local dishes and snacks in the International Food Exposition, which draws great attention of food enterprises from America, France, Japan, Korea, Thailand as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Chaozhou operas and music full of local flavors are also performed during that time as feasts for your senses. Some tourism companies use this opportunity to attract tourists by providing special tour routes to sample the delicious food. If you want to witness such a grand festival, you need to search for the specific dates on the internet, as the festival is held at different times every year.

Dining in Shantou : 

The Chao cuisine is one branch of the famous Cantonese cuisines. Most of the dishes are cooked with seafood and various seasonings. They taste fresh, and are light but delicious. Enjoying a cup of Gongfu tea is also popular and has become one of the most welcomed forms of nightlife among the locals. 

Nightlife in Shantou

The hotel industry is flourishing there. You can easily find hotels and hostels of all standards throughout the city. Moreover, the rates are reasonable and relatively lower than other coastal cities in southern China. There are also various recreational places in the city. Malls, cinemas, restaurants, clubs, bars and coffee houses can be easily found everywhere in the city, which will certainly make your travel more interesting and convenient.

Shopping in Shantou:

The city has various special local products such as beautiful potteries and porcelains, exquisite embroideries, vivid stone sculptures, colorful shell carvings and elegant drawnwork. You can also delight your taste buds with the abundance of mandarin oranges, pomegranates, lychees and bananas, which are widely grown in this area.

Shantou Tourist Shopping Center: No.4, Ying Chun Road, Jinping District
Friendship Tourist Shopping Center: Zhong Shan Road, Chenghai District

Being one of China's five special economic zones, the city is well known for its flourishing commerce. Therefore, shopping there is very convenient and enjoyable. Jinping District is the trading center of the city. The commercial circle, formed by the busiest city roads like Jin Sha Road, Chang Ping Road, Hai Bin Road and Jin Xin Road, can meet almost all of your needs with their great number of malls and supermarkets. You can also wander along shopping promenades along An Ping Road, Li An Road, Bo Ai Road and Huaqiao New Village Road to find specific items you want. 'Brand Street', located between Jin Yuan Road and Xin Xia Road, is delightful with stores having been built in the European architectural style. Here you can purchase clothes, cosmetics, leatherware, jewelries and craftworks with world famous brand names.

Wal-Mart: underground 1st floor, Nanguo Shopping City, Middle Chang Ping Road
Lotus Supermarket: No.35 block, Fengze Zhuang, Chang Ping Road
South of Tong Yi Road, Chenghai District

Shopping Centers
Parkson Mall: 1st-5th floor, East Nanguo Shopping City, Middle Chang Ping Road
Guangsha Shopping Square: East Asia (Dong Ya) Shopping Center, Dong Xia Road, Jinping District

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