Guangxi Travel Guide
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Guangxi Travel Guide

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Called "Gui" for short, has a long history of more than 2,000 years. Being famous for Guilin, Guangxi is one of the most popular destions of China. Guangxi boasts fantastic chinamap_guangxiand varied natural scenery (stunning karst hills and caves, larger forested mountains, crystal clear rivers, waterfalls and sunny beaches) and a wealth of minority culture.

Guangxi Facts: 

English Name: Guangxi
Chinese Name: 广西 (Guǎng Xī)
Abbreviation: Gui
Administration Type: Autonomous Region
Capital: Nanning
Location: 20°54' to 26°24' N, 104°26' to 112°04' E
Climte: tropical/ subtropical monsoon climate
Area: 236,700 km² (91,390mi²)
Population (2010): 46026629

Tourism Cities in Guangxi

Guaqngxi is divided into 14 cities at the prefecture-level, which are subdivided into 109 counties (cities, districts), of which there are seven cities at the county-level, 57 counties of city level, 12 ethnic autonomous counties, and 33 districts under the jurisdiction of the city.

Guilin City
NanningBaihai cITY
    Guilin City
       Nanning City        Beihai
LiuzhouYangshuoZhengwu Tower in Rongxian County
     Liuzhou        Yangshuo         Yulin

Top Attractions in Guangxi

Guangxi is rich in tourist resource with many interesting sights scattering around the region. The world known tourist city-Guilin is located in the north of Guangxi. Recently, tourism development has quicked and tourism services has been greatly improved. Highways have been built and an explosion of tourism activities unleashed.

Detian WaterfallGuilin7.jpgLongji
     Detian Waterfall    Li River Cruise  Longji Rice Terraces

Best season to visit Guangxi

Usually,the best time to travel in Guangxi is in spring and autumn, especially April, May, August, September and October. The months of April and May in Guangxi are rainy seasons. The temperature of spring in Guangxi changes from 15℃ to 27℃. Summer is long with lots of rain in Guangxi. The average temperature of the hottest month July is about 27℃~29℃. Autumn is cool with little rain in Guangxi. The temperature in this season changes from 16℃ to 28℃. Winter is short and dry with short duration of sunshine in Guangxi. The average temperature of the coldest month January is about 5.5℃~15.2℃.

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