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Beihai City, located in the southern end of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is adjacent to Guangdong Province in the east, bordering Hainan Province to the south, sharing the boundary with Vietnam in the west.

Beihai Facts

Population: 1.66 million

Area: 3,337 Square Kilometers

Nationalities: Han, Zhuang, Miao, Yao, Dong, Hui, Maonan, Mulam, Jing, Shui, Yi, Gelao

History of Beihai 

Beihai had generated into the center of the southwest end of since 2000 years ago, which was also one of the original ports of the “Maritime Silk Road”. During the 8th year of East Han Dynasty (A.D.203), five counties were designated into the region under the administration of Hepu County, namely Hepu, Xuwen, Gaoliang, Lingyun, Zhuya (Beihai). After 25 years when it came to the Three Kindom period, Hepu County was transferred into Zhuguan County, whereas regained its name in the year of 252, and Hepu County continuously functioned as the center of power. In the year of 330, Hongzhi, a Buddhist directed his voyage here for preach.

During the year of 622 (Tang Dynasty), Hepu County was transferred into Yue Zhou, whereas it was designated as “Lian Zhou”, drawing the positive meaning of “Lian” which means “incorruptible” in Chinese, to symbolize the high pursuit of the people here.
In 1368 of Ming Dynasty, the region was renamed as Lianzhou County, governing 4 counties including Hepu, Shikang, Lingshan and Lian Zhou. And in Qing Dynasty, the city was further constructed for military usages, and began to take shape Duiing Emperor Qian Long’s reign. In 1885, the Inspector-general was moved to Beihaim which symbolized the transformation of military and trade center to Beihai, and since then Beihai generated into a port city for business. Beihai has divided into the administrative power of Guangxi on March,1952.

Climate and Weather 

Beihai includes a monsoon-influenced climate with subtropical maritime feature. It is indeed warm in winter and cool in summer, rich in sunshine and precipitation. The annual mean temperature is 22.9℃(73.22℉). As most rainfall concentrated on summer, it is imperative to bring an umbrella all the time during your trip here. While in autumn the weather here is refreshing and dry, and the temperature is moderate and even in winter the average temperature reaches 15℃(59℉). The annual precipitation is 1670mm here. Besides, the city enjoys an extremely clean air condition, in which the quantity of negative oxygen ions in the air is 50-100 times that of inland cities.

Top Attractions 

Beihai Sliver Beach (北海银滩)Located in the splendid region of Beihai Sliver National Tourism Resort, Beihai Sliver Beach is divided into Beach Park and Sliver Beach Park, which is designated as the AAAA National Tourism Resort in 1992. It gained the title of the best beach in China as it is famous for its fine sands, flat beach, warm water, soft waves, as well as free from pollution. Besides, the region near the beach enjoys an extremely clean air condition, in which the quantity of negative oxygen ions in the air is 50-100 times that of inland cities, which is definitely among your best stop during your trip in Beihai.

Weizhou Islet: It is 36 nautical miles to the southeast of Beihai. Weizhou and Xieyang islets are separated from each other by sea for nine nautical miles and known as the Greater and Lesser Fabled Abodes of Immortals. The beaches are good for swimming and the islets feature marine abrasion rocks of fantastic shapes.

The Mangrove Forest Nature Reserve : Also called a submarine forest, it is on the western shore of Yingluo Port in Hepu County. When the tide is at ebb at Yingluo Port, a dense growth of mangrove trees that are eight meters tall each appear. When the tide comes in, the trees are submerged under water, and boats can sail over the tree tops. It is a new tourist center.

Bronze Drum Day (beihai铜鼓节): It is a traditional event in Beihai, which is held on 1st, 15th and 30th of the first month of the lunar year. During the festival period, the young men will lift the drum to the top of the hill along the village, beating the drum as the worship of ancestors. Then the contest will be held, after which people will bring their specialties with them and go picnic. 


By Airways:  Beihai Fucheng Airport is located 25 kilometers from the urban area, which is a 4C level airport available for the landing and taking off of Boeing 747 and other medium-sized airplanes. The airport has opened several lines which is available for direct lines including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Shenzhen and other international lines.

Airplane Shuttle Bus: It costs 10 RMB per person and takes 30 minutes that runs from Minhang Building to Airplane 2 hours before the taking off of the plane.
Bus: No.2 is also available for the arrival to the airport.
Tel: 0779-2208373
By Highways: Beihai includes an advanced highway network which is available for all directions within and out of the city. There are national highway 209, 325 and Line Lanzhou-Haikou and Line Yulin-Tieshan Port running across the whole city. There are recently 4 coach stations within the city, with 104 lines which is available to the major cities in Guangxi, Guangdong Province and Yunnan Province.

By Water: Beihai International Passenger Transportation Center is the major passenger port within Beihai, which is also the only access to the port in Weizhou Island and Hainan Island.
Add: No.3 Road, Yintan Blvd, Beihai
Tel: 0779-3880711

By Train: Beihai Railway Station is located in the intersection region of Beijing Road and Zhanqian Road. It has opened up return motor cars from Beihai to Nanning and Guilin. Besides, Line Yongzhou-Beihai also reduces the time-cost to 1 hour from Beihai to Nanning, which benefit people’s travelling to a great extent.

Local Specialties 

Adjacent to Beibu Gulf which is one of the 4 fisheries in China coast region, Beihai is endowed with an abundant volume of seafood. It includes 600 hundred sorts of commercial fishes and 10 sorts of caridoid. Major specialties include seahorse, pearl, sea cucumber, abalone, garoupa, blue crab, squid, oyster, prawn and so forth. Fruit includes peach, apple, watermelon, pear and group. 

Local Foods 

Beihai is famous for various sorts of seafood, fresh Martins shrimp, Beihai Prawn, minced beef powder are among the favored foods there.

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