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Guangxi Festivals

Guangxi is home town of Zhuang Minority.Guilin, with the most beautiful landmark in the world, is one of the top ten destinations in China.Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi, is also a must-see palce. Lengsheng is famous for terraces and Yao Ethnic folk customs.Chengyang Dong Ethnic Village is a place for visitors to explore Dong Minority Culture. Here lists fastivals in Guangxi.

Folk Song Festival

From ancient times till now People of Zhuang ethic minority, who are good at singing and dancing, have developed and maintained their old tradition of meeting friends with songs, selecting the excellent through singing competition, and express affection through with songs. All these customs bring into forth the  Folk Song Festival. The activities to be hold during the festival include Choosing One's Sweetheart through Singing; Singing Contests, including Gassing Game on Song Names, Singing in the Form of Making Couplets, Tale-telling Singing, and so on; Recreational Self-entertaining performance and sport competitions, such as Throwing XiuQiu, Banxie Dance, Dancing on High Stilt, Land Boat Performance, Peg-top Performance, Thick-stick Balance Show, and Cockfight, etc; art shows, for instance, Zhuang Opera, Shigong Opera, and Tea-picking Opera.

Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival

Time: November.The annual Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival evolves from Folk Song Festival of Zhuang nationality. Each year during the festival a lot of stars, artists, guests at home and abroad, and people of Zhuang ethnic minority in beautiful costumes will gather here, singing and dancing to their heart content in the golden time.

Nanning International Tourist Food Festival

Time: November.Nanning-Southeast Asian In is a grand theme activity of Nanning International Arts Festival of Folk Songs. The food festival is a great gathering of delicacies and snacks at home and abroad. It is a combination of sight-seeing, delicacies, entertainment and commercial fairs. Main activities during the festival include Grand Opening Ceremony, Delicacy Gathering, Guangxi Tourist Delicacy Contest, Cooking Tactic Performance, Beer & Barbecue Square, Tourist Delicacy Exposition, Introduction to Tourist Attractions and Consultation Service.

Gongcheng Cultural Festival for Guangong (red-faced Chinese folk god)

Time: May, 12th (in Chinese lunar calendar) .Gongcheng Cultural Festival for Guangong is a joint work by Gongcheng Cultural and Tourist Development Co, Ltd. in Guilin and Qianse Tourism Marketing and Management Co, Ltd. in Nanning. The festival is characterized by rich and colorful cultural activities, including Guangong Showering, National Music Conference, Traditional Opera Performance, New Plague Unveiling Ceremony, Sacrifice Rite of Huimen Martial Arts Organization, Yao Nationality Folk Songs Contest, Writing and Painting Exhibition, and Speed Boat Performance, etc.

Guilin Landscape and Cultural Tourist Festival

Time: the slack season (form October to December).The annual Guilin Landscape and Cultural Tourist Festival is an international tourist event, characterized by tourism and culture. It aims to promote the further development of Guilin tourism through a series of art performance with local flavors, sport events and competitions, commercial expositions and fairs, as well as activities of exploration in scenic areas. By now eight sessions of Landscape and Cultural Festival have been successfully held here in Guilin City.

Yangshuo Fire Fishing Festival

Time: autumn.Yangshuo Fire Fishing Festival, which is hold for three days in the Golden autumn season each year, is reputed as one of the eight best sceneries in Yangshuo. Yangshuo Fire Fishing Festival is initiated by the local Government from 1998. Major activities during the festival are characterized by Lights on Fishing Boats, bonfire, and fireworks, the theme of the festival. There are joint art show, folk cultural and artistic performance at squares, fine arts exhibition, calligraphy exposition, photograph show, football events, chest contest, cycling competition and other forms of artistic events. All these activities display the happy and prosperous life in Yangshuo County. The major activities, together with lantern performance at the foot of Bilian Peak, such as Silong Chushui (four dragons rushing out of water) and Qianzhan Liandeng (means thousands of lanterns in the shape of lotus floating on river water), constitute the fantastic scenery featuring the integrity of fire, lantern and river.

Guilin International Dragon Boat Contest

Dragon Boat Contest is one of the grandest events of the dragon boat festival on May 5th in Chinese lunar calendar. It is held every 3 years. All the participants actively make preparations and practice half a month in advance. On the morning of May 5th in lunar calendar, the banks of the Li River will be crowded with spectators before the contest is started. During the contest, dragon boats cleave on the river with continuous dragon boat songs and deafening sounds of gongs and drums, and the spectators move in crowds, which is an exceptionally grand occasion. The winners will gain silver coins and a roasted pig. Participants attach great importance to the final win of the contest. May is an ideal time for tourists from home and abroad to watch the Guilin Dragon Boat Contest. Guilin held the first International Dragon Boat Contest in 1998, which attracted Dragon Boat troupes from Southeast Asian Countries, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

Liuzhou International Stone Festival

Time: November.Liuzhou International Stone Festival is held once a year. Fans in the circle of fantastic stone collection all agree that "Stones in Liuzhou Tops the World". The festival is now expected to win for Longcheng County the award of "Rocks in Longcheng top the World". The forth Liuzhou International Stone Festival will be held on November 2 , 2006, when a number of friends at home and abroad, colleagues and fans of stone collection will be invited here. The forth Liuzhou International Stone Festival will further consolidate the status of Liuzhou as " The Stone City of China", and help introduce the traditional Chinese culture to the rest of the world.

Beihai International Pearl Festival

Time: December.Pearls produced in Beihai are well-known for their high quality. Beihai International Pearl Festival aims at introducing to the rest of the world the quality special local product, and developing our traditional Chinese culture. The festival is held annually since 1992. With pearl as the theme and media, a series of activities, involving the fields of culture, tourism, sports as well as economic and technological coOperation, will be held during the festival.

Fushan Folk Song Festival

Time: April 26 (according to Chinese lunar calendar) for Fireworks-play in Fushan Gathering; May 19 (in Chinese lunar calendar) for Folk Song Festival. Fushan Folk Song Festival is the largest traditional recreation activity in terms of scale and the number of participants. During the Fushan Gathering of Fireworks-play, people usually hold grand folk activities such as Competition for Fireworks and Playing Opera. By now it has evolved into a sing competition, during which melodious songs one after another could be heard in the places of interest like the Fishing Platform, Huanbi Pavilion, Chenwang Temple and Contest Hall.

Wuzhou Longmu Cultural and Tourist Festival

Time: May 7 to 10 (in Chinese lunar calendar).Longmu Culture, as a branch of Lingnan Culture, is well-known with a high status and influence in Xijiang River Drainage Area and Pearl River Drainage Area for its rich and distinctive local characteristics. The annual Longmu Cultural and Tourist Festival started from the year 2000 in Wuzhou. With Longmu Culture as the theme, the festival is a combination of various national and cultural activities, such as Dragon Boat Contest, "Wuzhou Diet Kingdom" Tourist Delicacy Exposition, Yuangjiang Evening Tour, Fireworks Soiree, Opening Ceremony of Longmu's Birthday Celebration, Lantern Show, and performance of folk songs and dancing. Besides, different seminars on local history and culture, as well as economic and trade fairs will also be held during the festival.

Wuzhou International Fantastic Stone Festival

Wuzhou City, Which is reputed as the city of Man-made Fantastic Stones has by now successfully held two sessions of International Fantastic Stone Festival respectively in November, 2004 and September, 2005. Major activities include the opening ceremony of art show, stone fair and exhibition, as well as the introduction of a series of stone processing projects.

China Qinzhou International Dolphin Festival

Since the year 2003, two sessions of Qinzhou International Dolphin Festival, Sanniang (an immortal figure in Chinese folk culture) Gulf Art Festival and "Round Moon in Sanniang Gulf" have been successfully held here in Qinzhou City. Qinzhou International Dolphin Festival, with Sanniang Gulf as the carrier and dolphin as an image bridge, provides with Qinzhou people a good opportunity and channel to go global make Qinzhou understood by the world while attracting numerous tourists from home and abroad. Thanks to the International Dolphin Festival, Qinzhou City has won positive assessment and higher reputation from the rest of the world.

Chongzuo (Detian) Border International Tourist Festival

Chongzuo (Detian) Border International Tourist Festival has been successfully held twice in September, 2004 and December, 2005 respectively. The theme of the tourist festival is human, nature and harmony, which signifies the equal footing of human being and nature, as well as the coherence and harmony between the two. Major activities during the festival include Grand Art Performance, "Glamorous Detian" Grand Calligraphy, Painting and Photograph Exhibition, and 'Human and Nature" Ecological Bonsai Exposition, etc.

Mountain Flower Art Festival

The Huashan Mountain culture is the most precious for Zhuang ethnic nationality in Zuojiang River Drainage of Guangxi. In order to introduce the local culture to the outside world, and on the occasion of the first China-ASEAN Exhibition, two sessions of Mountain Flower Art Festival have been held in December, 2004 and November, 2005 respectively. With the topic of "Introduction to Huashan Mountain Culture, Connecting with ASEAN Countries, Counducting Cultural Exchange, and Promoting the Development of Chongzuo City", the festival comprises of the following activities: Folk Costume Performance, Folk Dancing Performance, and expositions on Fine Arts, Calligraphy, Photography, Clothing, Commodity Show and Fair, and Musical Instruments.

Hechi Tonggu Mountain Cantus Festival

The annual Hechi Tonggu Mountain Cantus Festival has been successfully held for seven sessions since 1999. As an integration of nationality, art, universality and comprehensiveness, the festival plays as a great platform for introducing to tourists at home and abroad the rich and glorious local culture as well as the colorful folk customs and arts, which are characterized by the folk songs and dancing of Yao nationality and other ethnic minorities in Guangxi. Activities during the festival include Folk Song Contest of Civil Singers, Guangxi Best Singer Arena, competitions on fine Arts, calligraphy, photography, and Nandan (County) Rural Amateur Art Joint-performance.

Folk Cultural and Tourist Festival of Buluotuo (humanistic ancestor of Zhuang Nationality)

Buoluotuo Cultural and Tourist Festival serve to introduce and develop the brand of Ganzhuangshan Mountain Tourist Culture Brand characterized by the local folk custom. The tourist festival, which is held annually in March (according to Chinese lunar calendar), has been successfully held for three sessions since 2004. During the festival tourists will have the opportunity to appreciate the great mountain cantus relay contest by thousands of participants, and the mysterious and grand religious ceremonies for Buluotuo, the humanistic ancestor of Zhuang ethnic minority. Other cultural activities include Rivalry, Fireworks Contest, Bullfight, Horse Race, and Zhuang Nationality Folk Custom and Craft Show, etc.

China-ASEAN Exposition

Time: November China-ASEAN Exposition is co-held by the Ministry of Commerce in China and the executive departments for trade and commerce from ASEAN countries. With economic and trade cooperation in free-trade zone as the focus, the exposition emphasizes further cooperation and dialogues in optimal fields, such as transaction and trade fair on commodities which enjoy tax-reduction and comparative advantages. Under the principle of integrating import and export, "Attracting Foreign Investment" and 'Going Global", as well as economic cooperation and cultural exchange, the China-ASEAN Exposition aims to show, in an all-round manner, the progress and fruit of cooperation between China and ASEAN countries. Main activities during the festival include grand opening ceremony, commodity exposition and fair, new product introductions, seminars and consultations, mutual exchange and cooperation, summits and forums.

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