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Sanjiang Drum Tower

Sanjing Drum Tower is the first tower of Dong ethnic in China. It is a wooden structure as the symbol of Sanjiang County of Liuzhou City in Guangxi Province. The shape of Sanjiang Drum Tower is looked like a pagoda. The magnificent and elaborate structure with gray color represents Dong minority’s profound culture, both in architectural field and intelligence. The drum tower of Sanjiang is reputed as the No.1 drum tower of the world.

What to see? 

Drum tower is the soul of Dong ethnic villages. The drum tower is a wooden structure without any iron nails. The floors of this kind of architecture are from a few ones to dozens of ones variously. The floor number is always an odd number because of the cultural factor. Dong’s drum towers can be the tetrahedral one, the hexahedral one and the octal one. the average height of this kind of tower is around 10 meters, the highest one can be nearly 100 meters.

The Sanjiang Drum Tower, as a project of Sanjiang 50 years founding anniversary, had been finished in 2002 Oct. it is a site integrating culture, appreciation and tourism into one.Here lists the Four unique in Sanjiang Drum Tower

It is the largest area among drum towers: This drum tower covers an area of 600 square meters. And with the brand-new funfair, the whole area of this site is about 4,000 meters totally. This site becomes a cultural center for holding ceremonies, trade fairs and festival activities.
It is the highest one among drum towers: The height of this dram tower is 42.6 meters.
It is the most floors among drum towers: Sanjiang Drum Tower is a 27-floor building.
It is the biggest main pillars among drum towers: The four main pillars in this tower are with diameters above 70cm. The first main pillar is with a history of 208 years in a diameter of 85cm and a height of 27 meters. The second one is with a history of 206 years. And the third and the forth ones are also with a history more than 100 years. These long-time pillars only can be found in this drum tower.

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Add: Yueliang Street, Sanjiang County,Liuzhou City,Guangxi,China

Opening Hours: full day

Entrance Fees; CNY 15

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