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Sanjiang Wind And Rain Bridge

Sanjiang Fengyu Bridge1.jpgSanjiang Wind & Rain Bridge is an iconic attraction in Sanjiang Dong Minority Autonomous County,LIuzhou City,Guangxi Province. It combines the wooden wind and rain bridge of the Dong Ehthnic people with the modern reinforced concrete structure.And it has made this characteristic wind and rain bridge be China's best bridge in terms of length and scale. The bridge is made of cement and it can be opened to traffic. The bridge is made of wood. There are pavilions and towers that straddle the Lijiang River.

The Sanjiang Wind & Rain Bridge echoes the famous pedestrian street, the Moon Street, Sanjiang County,and it is nearby the “World's No. 1 Drum Tower” – Sanjiang Drum Tower. You can take a look at it while you are traveling in Sanjiang County.

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Add: Sanjiang County,Lizuhou City,Guangxi,China

Opening Hours: Full day

Entrance Fees: CNY 15

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