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Liuhou Temple

Liuhou temple2.jpgLiuhou Temple, formerly known as Luochi Temple, is located in Liuhua Park in the center of Liuzhou City,Gaungxi Province. It is the tomb of the Liuzhou people to commemorate Liu Zongyuan,one of the famous politicians, thinkers and writers in the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Liu Zongyuan, also named Liu Zihou (AD 773-819), was born in Yongji County of Shanxi Province in the Tang Dyansty. He once served as a member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,and he was defeated by the political innovation. In his late years(AD 815- 819), He was defeated to Liuzhou an he did a lot of things that benefit the people of Liuzhou. After three years working in Liuzhou, he died in this city,and the local people built the Luochi Temple so as to worship him. At the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, Emperor Song Huizong chased him as "Wen Hui Hou" and changed Luochi Temple to "Liuhou Temple".

The current Liuhou Temple is reconstructed in accordance with the buildings of the Qing Dynasty (1645-19110. There are many cultural relics and historical materials displayed in the museum, reflecting the life and achievements of Liu Zongyuan.

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Add: Liuhua Park,Liuzhou City,Guangxi

Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00

Entrance Fees: CNY 10

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