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Show of Impression Liu Sanjie

The show of "Impression Liu Sanjie" was first put on in 1990's.As a must-see at night in Guilin, the show is put on the "Lijiang River Landscape Theater " whch is located in the junction of the Lijiang River and Tianjiahe River. Covering an area of nearly 100 acres,the theater faces  Shutong Hill, one of the famous scenic spot in Guilin.With 180 degree panoramic vision, you can watch the performance, as well as all scenes of Lijiang River. The theater boast 3,600 seats, and its concealed design was used in the lighting, sound systems, blend in with the environment.

The impression of Liu Sanjie is the world's first new concepts performance of the real large-scale landscape, which units the Lijiang River landscape, Guangxi minority culture and Chinese Elite artist  as the only great performace.

The Stage performance is two square kilometers of the Lijiang River waters area, and  its background is a dozen peaks,which constitutes the world's largest natural theater.

The Performance of  " Impression Liu Sanjie"  is combined with elements of  Liu Sanjie's classic folk songs, Guangxi Minorities folk customs, and Li River fishing boat innovation, which is seamlessly dissolved into the landscape, and reducted in nature, however the performance is successful to note the harmonious relations between the man and nature , and  was hailed as "a masterpiece of God ".


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