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Dashiwei Tiankeng Scenic Area

Dashiwei Heavely Pit, also known as Dashiwei Tiankeng, is another karst funnel in Leye County,Baise City of Guangxi Zhuang Minority Autonomous Region. Primitive forests, underground rivers and natural shaped karst caves form a mysterious land.

What to see?

Dashiwei Heavely Pit is 600 meters long from east to west, 420 meters wide from north to south, and it has a maximum vertical height of 613 meters. It is a super large Heavenly Pit on all sides. The academic community generally believes that the formation of the pit is due to the underground river. The river has been flowing for many years, constantly eroding soluble carbonate rock. Over time, it formed a huge underground cavity. Until one day, it was overwhelmed and collapsed. That was born.

The Dashiwei Tiankeng scenic spot is mainly to watch the Tiankeng landform on the surface. It takes about half a day to play the Dashiwei Tiankeng scenic spot. There is a free shuttle bus in the scenic spot, which can take tourists to each tiankeng to take photos.

Huangkeng Cave

huangkeng Cave.jpgThis heavenly pit is located 7 kilometers west of the Dashiwei Tiankeng Scenic Area. It was named after the scutellaria in the Tiankeng. The Heavenli Pit cave is irregular polygon, 320 meters long and 170 meters wide. The maximum concentration is 238 meters, the pit area is 51700 square meters, and the bottom area is 38200 square meters.

Huangkeng Cave is one of the most beautiful and magical tiankeng in the Dashiwei Tiankeng Group. It is the main scenic spot of the Huangkeng Cave National Geological Park. It is a collection of pits, caves, mountains, forests and waterfalls. Mythology is one. The pits are densely forested, and the underground forest at the bottom of the pit is home to a large wild animal, the wild boar, which has two seasonal waterfalls. Browse along the tiankeng plank road and show you 29 attractions including Fairy Pavilion, Tiankeng King Kong, Frog King Cave, Wild Orchid Garden and the world's only Lajasson. Whether it is rainy or foggy, the four seasons can be seen. At present, there are rock climbing and rappelling bases built in Tiankeng, and three national climbing lines and four 180-meter-high SRT downhill lines have been developed.

Chuandong Heavenly Pit

It is located in Zhulin Dam, on the east side of Dashiwei Scenic Area, about 8 kilometers from the Yele county seat. The most amazing thing is that when you enter the hole, visitors can see a gap in the top of the cave where the sun can be leaked. The light often passes through the hole. The photos taken are very fantastic, and the whole scenic spot is named after it. It is best to visit the scenic spot in the hole between 12 noon and 2 pm. It is the easiest to see through the cave. In addition, the underground caves in the caves can be seen and viewed. The interior lava is combined with the lights, beautiful and beautiful.

Dashiwei Tiankeng

Following the tour guide, you can see the beautiful heavenly pit.The half-mountain wasp directly connects to the inside of the pit,here you can directly observe the underground forest. Climbed up to the East Peak Observation Deck,you will see that the West Peak Observation Deck is like a black spot on the summit. Only then you can feel how big the Dashiwei Heavenly Pit is, and the vertical 600 meters drop is really spectacular!

Luomei Lotus Cave 

The Cave is located on the north side of the county, close to the city, and is also a cave scenic spot with underground caves. There are hundreds of naturally-formed lotus pots in the lotus cave. The horizontal pots and the pillars growing in the pots are unique, which is unbelievable and naturally generated. It is very fantastic. In addition, there are many cave beads in the cave. This is a precious cave treasure, very rare, you can come here to watch.

Dashiwei Tiankeng Scenic Area is located in the west of Leye County, Baise City, Guangxi Province. It is famous for its unique giant funnel-shaped Heavenly pit (Tiankeng) landform and is one of the most famous spots in the Baise area. The heavenly pit here is huge in scale and numerous in number. There are also magical underground caves in the tiankeng. The shape is beautiful and fantastic. It is a wonderful place for viewing and photography.

Buliu River -Xianren Natural Bridge

Buliu River1.jpg

Along the Buliu river, the bamboo rafts flow down the river. The cliffs on both sides are steep, the trees are shaded, the wild monkeys are in groups, and the birds are humming, making people feel relaxed and relaxed. In the lower reaches of the drifting river section, a natural stone arch bridge is located here. The stone bridge Tiancheng is awe-inspiring, the bridge arch is symmetrical, and the arch bottom is smooth. The locals call it “Xianren Bridge”. The arch bridge of Xianren Bridge spans 177.14 meters, the bridge width is 19.3 meters, the bridge body is 280 meters long, the bridge body is 78 meters thick, the total bridge height is 165 meters, and the arch height is 87 meters. It is like a dragon that straddles the banks of the river. It is magnificent and is the largest and most beautiful aquatic natural bridge in the world. It has a high ornamental value.

Travel Tips

Add: West of Leye County,Baise City,Guangxi,China

Entrance fee: CNY 90

Opening Hours: 08:30-17:30 

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