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Buliu River

Buliu River is located in north of Daweishi Tiankeng Scenic Area, 51 km away from downtown of Leye County,Baise City,Guangxi Province. Buliu River is a paradise for white water rafting. The legendary Buliu River is a literary spring that flows from the distant mountains. Because Zhuang language means "cloth" means spring, and "liu" means wine. The verdant primitive forests along the river provide home for thousands of plants and birds while the ever-clean water offers home for many kinds of fish. The natural stone bridge across the river is another spectacular. The river is also an ideal place for cruise.

Buliu River originates from the Laowang Mountain in Tianlin County, flows through the three counties of Lingyun and Leye, and it joins the Hongshui River in the Longtan reservoir area. It is 132 kilometers long and belongs to the tropical rain forest area. Also known as the Buliuhe Grand Canyon, it is an integral part of the Dashiwei Tiankeng Group. The dark river, densely underground in the Tiankeng group, has gathered here to form a soothing river.

The bamboo rafts flow down the river, and the cliffs on both sides of the river are steep, the forest is dense, the forest coverage rate is over 90%, the trees are intertwined, large vines are suspended, and there are also tropical rainforests such as “roots strangling” and “old stems and flowers”. There are only a few phenomena in the plant. The Buliu River Gorge is 16.9 kilometers long. It can be used for both rafting and sightseeing. It is known as the “first drift of Guixi” and has the reputation of “the kingdom of plants and the paradise of birds”. It is the most desirable ecological drift for tourists from all directions. 

Buliu River2.jpgAlong the river, the bamboo rafts flow down the river. The cliffs on both sides are steep, the trees are shaded, the wild monkeys are in groups, and the birds are humming, making people feel relaxed and relaxed. In the lower reaches of the drifting river section, a natural stone arch bridge is located here. The stone bridge Tiancheng is awe-inspiring, the bridge arch is symmetrical, and the arch bottom is smooth. The locals call it “Xianren Bridge”. The arch bridge of Xianren Bridge spans 177.14 meters, the bridge width is 19.3 meters, the bridge body is 280 meters long, the bridge body is 78 meters thick, the total bridge height is 165 meters, and the arch height is 87 meters. It is like a dragon that straddles the banks of the river. It is magnificent and is the largest and most beautiful aquatic natural bridge in the world. It has a high ornamental value.

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Add: Xinhua Town, Lexi County,Baise City,Guangxi

Entrance Fee: CNY 120

Opening Hours: 08:30-17:30

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