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Mingshi Pastrol Scenic Area

Mingshi Garden2.jpgMingshi Pastrol Scenic Area,is a 20 square kilometer (7.7 square miles) scenic areea famous for its breathtaking pastoral landscape. About one hour's driving from Detian Waterfall, it is 53 kilometers (33 miles) from Daxin County of Chongzuo City,and it is usually spoken of as the 'Lesser Guilin'.

What to see?

Located 180 km away from Nanning City, the Mingshi Tianyuan Scenic Area is a unique karst landform with beautiful mountains. Surrounded by flowing water, the scenery here is very beautiful. In addition to the scenery of the mountains and rivers, there are also fresh and simple villages and farmland in the scenic area. Visitors can take a bamboo rafting, take pictures, enjoy the beautiful scenery and peaceful rural life.

Mingshi River Bamboo Rafting

The rafting is about one hour in total, and the guides on the boat can be explained all the way. On the way of rafting, you can see the beautiful mountains reflected in the river. The scenery is very similar to the scenery of the famous yellow cloth in Guilin. It will also pass through the farmland area and quiet villages. The picture of a village is very refreshing. In addition, there are not many tourists here, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in every place.

Mingshi Garden-Zhaung_副本.jpgZhuang Nationality Museum 

The tour guide will continue to accompany the tourists for a while, to explain the scenery of the residential park for tourists. There are totem squares, artificial lakes, Zhuang villages, toast houses, and small streets. They are mainly sculptures and residential buildings that reflect the customs of Zhuang. You can simply visit them in about half an hour. In addition, there are often Zhuang song and dance performances here, you can watch it when you meet.

Bicycle Tour

After watching the Zhuang Nationality Museum, you can rent a bicycle here and enjoy sightseeing around. Bicycles are mostly rented from local hotels or farmhouses. When you rent, you will be given a road map for cycling. There are several routes to choose from along the road next to the scenic spot. It is generally recommended to go northwest (ie, heading towards the upper reaches of the river) to see beautiful karst and idyllic scenery similar to bamboo rafting.

Travel Tips

Add: Mingshi Village,Zhanxu Township,Danxin County,Chongzuo City,Guangxi

Tel: 0771-5680980,0771-3755028

Opening Hours: 08:00-17:30

Entrance Fees: CNY 120


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