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Longji Rice Terraces in Guilin


Longji Rice Terraces is located in Longsheng town, 120 km in the north of Guilin,and it close the border of Guizhou Province. Longsheng Town has the population of 160,000 which surrounded by mountains and a home to colorful mixture of Dong, Zhuang, Yao and Miao minorities.The main attraction is Longji Terrace rice fields( refer to Dragon's backbone) lies 30 km south to Longsheng town. It takes about 2 hours from Guilin, there are 60 square kilometers of terraced rice fields were first built in the Yuan dynasty and completed in the Qing dynasty by Zhuang people. Making them over 600 years. The terraced fields are built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountaintop, with the highest place of an elevation of 885m and the lowest 380m. 

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The coiling line spirals up from the mountain foot to the top, shaping the mountain looks like huge snail seen from afar. One hour hike reaching to the top of hill to see the stunning landscape is worthwhile. The Zhuang Minority people live in the new and old wooden buildings, find the Zhuang Women wearing white shirts, black pants, and brightly colored towels on their heads, with long hair and silver ornaments. You can see different features of rice terrace in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and is the most astounding in China.

Although there are terraces everywhere amongst the mountainous areas of South China, it is extremely rare to see a terrace as big as the Longji Terrace Field. The Longji Terrace Field has its own unique natural flora/fauna and represents the abundant culture of Zhuang and Yao People. It is regarded as a precious cultural relic for these minority people and is considered an outstanding scenic spot in the world. 

There are Zhuang and Yao People living in the area of the Longji Terrace Field. You can see well-preserved dresses and the folk dancing of the Zhuang People, as well as experience their ethnic songs and living styles.

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