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Seven Star Park

Guilin Seven Star Park is situated on the eastern side of Li River.Covering more than 120 hectares, Seven Star Park is the largest, most multiple park in Guilin City,and it has  long history and beautiful landscape. The Park is named for its seven peaks resemble Big Dipper of the sky. It boasts of the green hills, crystal water, fantastic caves and beautiful rocks.

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The park includes scenic attractions: The Flower Bridge, Putuo Hill, Crescent Hill, Seven Star Cave, Camel Hill, Forest of Stele, Zoo, Square on Bright Civilization of China and Strange Stone Exhibition.The elegantly constructed Flower Bridge is main gateway to the park. It is built in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Every spring and summer, the bridge is fully surrounded by flowers, hence the name Flower Bridge.  

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Seven Star cave lies in the Putuo Hill which abounds with caves and pavilions. The cave is well-known for the dazzling stalagmites and stalactites and other natural formations that resemble animals and landscapes, the cave was called 'Residence of the Immortals'.  It stretches around 1,100 meters, with 50 meters at the widest point and 20 meters at the highest point. The cave has been a tourist attraction for hundreds of years, So many poems and inscriptions have been left behind the wall by visitors.  A stone path up to Putuo Hill will get bird's view of the town.

Camel hill is near the rear gate of the park, it is 20- meter high, resemble a camel as well as a wine pot standing in the vast grassland. When in a bright morning or afternoon, the sun sets on the hill, reflecting a brightly glow. Nearby you will find a zoo with panda, tiger, monkeys and other animals.

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