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Guilin Nightlife

As a popular tourism city in China, Guilin nightlife is colorful and fantastic. At night,the secnery of Guilin City is very beautiful,you can go out for shopping,drinking,and enjoy nightlife freely in Gulin City. Here lists information of  Guilin nightlife as below.

Enjoy the show of Dreamlike Li River

The Show of Dreamlike Lijiang starts at 7:30 pm and ends at 8:40 pm each night.The Show is a nightly theatrical spectacle that celebrates the rich natural and cultural heritage of Guilin, the city located in southwest China is one of the most popular visitor destinations globally. By pushing the boundaries of dance form with its wildly inventive acrobatics, introducing creative scenery setups and transitions, Dreamlike Lijiang exquisitely blends the highest artistic concentration, geographic changes, historic shifts and local legends into one production.

Watch the Show of Impression Liu Sanjie

The show of "Impression Liu Sanjie" was first put on in 1990's.As a must-see at night in Guilin, the show is put on the "Lijiang River Landscape Theater " whch is located in the junction of the Lijiang River and Tianjiahe River. Covering an area of nearly 100 acres,the theater faces  Shutong Hill, one of the famous scenic spot in Guilin.With 180 degree panoramic vision, you can watch the performance, as well as all scenes of Lijiang River. The theater boast 3,600 seats, and its concealed design was used in the lighting, sound systems, blend in with the environment.

◎ Theatres & Concerts

Gui Opera Troupe

Add: 89 W.Jiefang Rd. 
Description: Local Gui Opera and is busiest over the weekend. 
Open Hours: 8PM-10PM

Lijiang Theater

Address: No.38 Binjiang Rd , Guilin 
Description: It enjoys a high reputation for performances of local ethnic nationalities cultural. It includes singing dancing and gymnastic activity.

◎ Bars/Teahouses/Clubs

Garden Night

Add: Royal Garden Hotel, Yanjiang Rd Guilin 
Description: Dancing & singing performances in costume of local the ethnic nationalities. 
Open Hours: 8PM-10AM

Jiulong Night Club

Add: S. Zhongshan Rd 
Description: Sauna, Massage, KTV room 
Open Hours: 8PM-1AM

Red Sun Karaoke Dancing Hall

Add: 1# 572 N. Zhongshan Rd. 
Description: KTV room, dancing, live performances 
Open Hours: 8PM-2AM

Mengqing Tea House

Add: Renming Rd. 
Description: Piano, Guitar performance daily 
Open Hours: 1:00PM -1:00AM

Yiaxuxuan Tea House

Add: Binjiang Rd. 
Tel: 0773-2806843 
Open Hours: 1:00PM---1:00AM

◎ Guilin Cinemas

Menglu Cinema

Add: # 117 E. Huancheng Rd , 4th floor Too Shopping mall, 
Open Hours: 24 hours daily

Guilin Cinema

Add: # 134 E. Jiefang Rd , Guilin 
Open Hours: 9:30AM-11PM daily

Jingyi Cinema

Add: #215 Central Zhongshan Rd , Guilin 
Open Hours: 9:30AM-5AM daily

Xinhai Cinema

Add: #13 Fuxing Rd , 4th floor of Xinhai International Plaza, Guilin 
Open Hours: 9:30AM-12pm daily

Bars in Zhengyang Pedestrian Street

Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is the shopping and entertainment area in the Guilin’s city center/.There are seven bars and clubs located on Zhengyang Pedestrian Street where tourists and locals come relax or party with friends. The bars all provided Western and Chinese food and of course offer a variety of local and foreign beers and wines. Check out the place you would like go to enhance your nightlife.

Guilin Spa Club

Want to get rid of weary from whole day’s tour? Massage shop is a good place for tourist to enjoy the luxury night, Guilinchina will provide a list of legally Spa and massage center to enhance your China holiday.

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