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Fubo Hill in Guilin

Fubo Hill is situated in the west side of Li River of the north of Guilin City, it is 63 meters high, 60 meters wide, 213 meter high above the sea level.It is a peak standing prettily and solitarily by the riverside with half of it on li River and the rest half on the land. Why call Wave-Subduing Hill, When the water reaches here, it is obstructed by the hill that incurs whirls. Fubo Hill has unique and interesting shape and there are many interesting sights in it.On the right side of par River, found rice pot, it is big enough to cook for 1000 people at a time. Southern part of the hill is a garden full of bamboos, palm trees and flowers.


On the southern slope of the Hill is Returned Pearl Cave, 1000 year-old Buddha images are etched into the wall of the cave and along with over 200 images of Buddha, most dating from the Song and Tang Dynasties. You can see Mifu self-portrait, a famous painter and calligraphist in Song dynasty.  A rock called sword testing rock hangs from the ceiling and almost touch the ground. The legend says the emperor tested his sword by cutting what was originally a stone pillar and has left a crevice at the bottom ever since then. On the western side near the Returned Pearl Cave, there is stone stairways up to the Kuishui Pavilion and to the top.  From there, one may have a bird's-eye view of the Li River.


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