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Top 10 Bouyei Villages in Guizhou

Bouyei minority can be traced back to ancient Baiyue ethnic groups as a branch.Since the Stone Age the Bouyei ethnic minority have inhabited what is now Guizhou Province. Their main living areas are now Bouyei and the Qinxinan Buyei Autonomous Prefecture, Anshun and Guiyang City. Although most Bouyei villages are gathered ones along with nearby waters and mountains, each of them has different style based on different terrain and climate. Bouyei people's hard-working and wise in farming. In front of their villages, nearby the water, Bouyei people installed mills, water mills and oil mill to meet the need of irrigation water as well as food and drink.

Top 10 Bouyei Villages in Guizhou

Zhengfeng Bouyei TownBouyei003.jpgNanlong Bouyei Village
                    Zhenfeng Bouyei Old Town
                  Bangwan Bouyei Village               Nanlong Bouyei Village
Bouyei                  Dadang Bouyei VillageTianlong Tunbao Village
        Lounan Bouyei Village
                Dadang Bouyei Village       Tianlong Tunpu Village

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