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Anshun Travel Guide

guizhou_transportation.jpgAnshun City is located in the southwestern part of Guizhou Province, southwest China. Lying in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the area of Anshun is since recent years renowned for its collection of outstanding scenic spots attracting many tourists from all over China.  Karst mountains, lakes, rivers, crystal clear waterfalls, stone forests... the city doesn't have anything to envy to other tourist areas, the beauty of the place being astonishing to every travelers passing by. Namely, traveling to Anshun is having the chance to see the ranked Huangguoshu Waterfall National Park (5A level) of more than 75 meters-high. With its water curtain caves, this "Shuiliandong" (水帘洞) scenic spot is just the longest waterfall in mainland China. The cool and humid climate of the Province just adds to the picturesque image of the city.

Facts of Anshun

Area: 9,269 square kilometers (about 3,579 square miles)
Population: about 2,550,000 (until 2004)
Nationalities: Han and ethnic minority groups such as Miao, Buyi, Gelao, etc.
Area Code: 0853
Zip Code: 561000

There is one district (Xixiu District), two counties (Pingba County, Puding County), and three autonomous counties (Guanling Buyi Minority and Miao Minority Autonomous County, Zhenning Buyi and Miao Minority Autonomous County, and Ziyun Miao Minority and Buyi Minority Autonomous County) under Anshun City's governance.

What to see in Anshun?

Many beautiful mountains and rivers decorate this mysterious land. Three national scenic and historic interest areas are located here including: Huangguoshu Waterfall National Park (National AAAAA Level), Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Spot (National AAAAA Level), and Getu River Scenic Area. The city also hosts one national forest park, Jiulongshan Forest Park, as well as a number of province-level and city-level scenic spots.

              Huangguoshu Waterfall                    Dragon Palace Cave           Anshun Confucian Temple 
Tianxingqiao Scenic Area           The Stone Village           Guizhou Batik Museum 

How to get to Anshun?

Due to the Anshun's important position in the history of Guizhou, it was the earliest development area in Guizhou. Today, getting to and from the area is very convenient since the Qingzhen - Huangguoshu Speedway and the Huangguoshu Airport are both open for travelers. Thus a pleasant trip to Anshun should be no problem...More

When to visit Anshun?

Anshun is located in China's Central Subtropical Zone, thus the climate is mildand the average temperature is between 14C (about 57F) –16C (about 61F).The highest temperature in summer is 26C (about 79F) andthe lowest temperature in winter is 4C (about 39F) makingit a great place to visit throughout the year.
If you plan on visiting the Huangguoshu Waterfall, it is best viewed in the summer months when it is at its most majestic and vigorous point (between July and August).The best time of year to see the Dragon Palace Scenic Spot is during spring (ideallyin March). At this time hundreds of flowers blossom in Dragon Palace, includingthe golden rape flower, pink peach flower and white pear flower. Moreover, theannual Rape Flower Cultural Tourism Festival is held at Dragon Palace throughout March.
Many types of local folk performances of the Buyi Minority and Miao Minorityare held daily - including the Tuanjie (comity) Dance and Bamboo Pole Dance, which the visitors can participate in, and the Di opera, which is praised as Living Fossil of Drama by foreign friends.

Anshun Travel Tips

Anshun city is a cultural melting pot with contributions from the Miao, Buyi and Gelao minority groups. These citizens are proud of the diverse mix of cultures which may be seen in: architecture styles - Folk House of Guizhou Tunbao; festivals - Tiaohua Festival, Baishu Festival, Ox King Festival, Changxin Festival; ethnic arts & crafts - brocade, wax printing, kitchen knife, embroidery; finery and decorations; and their special local foods and snacks- crystal bean jelly, glutinous rice cake, Zhenning Bobo Candy. The Living Fossil of Drama - Di Opera at Anshun of Guizhou is another "must-see" during your visit.

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