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Qianxinan Travel Guide

guizhou_transportation.jpgQianxinan Bouyei And Miao Autonomous Prefecture is located in Southwest of Guizhou Province. Xingyi City is the capital of the prefecture.The prefecture covers 16,800 square kilometers in southwestern Guizhou province and has a population of 2.8 million, as of the end of 2015, with at least 30 minorities, such as the Bouyei, Miao and Hui, accounting for 42 percent of that. It was established on Sept 21, 1981, with Xingyi as its capital, so it is one of the youngest of China's 30 prefectures. It also has counties of Pu'an, Qinglong, Anlong, Xingren, Zhenfeng, Ceheng, and Wangmo.

Facts of Qianxinan

Full Name: Qianxinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture
Chinese Name: 黔西南布依族苗族自治州 (qián xī nán bù yī zú miáo zú zì zhì zhōu)
Population: 3,140,000
Area: 16,804 square kilometers (6,488 square miles)
Nationalities: Han, Buyi, Miao

Administrative Division: 7 counties (Xingren, Pu'an, Qinglong, Zhenfeng, Wangmo, Ceheng, Anlong); 1 county-level city (Xingyi)
Seat of the city government: No.22, Shajing Street, Xingyi City

History of Qianxinan

According to history records, Qianxinan was inhabited by several ethnic groups in southwestern China or governed by kingdoms they established in remote ages. The Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC) put it under the administration of Xiang Shire, and it returned to the Yelang State, an ancient ethnic regime in old Guizhou. It is partly belonged to the central government and Yelang in the following hundreds of years. After that, overlapping reigns on this area were changed between the central Chinese government and kingdoms set up by local ethnic groups.

What to see in Qianxinan?

Qianxinan stands in the slop area in southeast of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. Its overall terrain slops downward from northwest to south east. Most part of the prefecture belonged to karst plateau, and Karst terrain occupies over seventy percent of its territory. Hilly area is in the second place, occupying a coverage of twenty percent.

Ethnic minorities occupy over forty percent of the prefecture's total population. Among these multitude of ethnic groups, Bouyei and Miao are the largest. Strong flavor of the ethnic minorities should be the most charming factor of Qianxinan. Miao Folk-Custom Festival (around the eighth day of the eighth lunar month in Xingren County); Buyi Folk-Custom Festival (around the sixth day of the sixth lunar month in Zhenfeng County)

                 Wanfenglin Scenic Area                  Double-breast PeaK              Maling Gorge Scenic Spot 
Nanlong VillageBouyi.jpgBanwan Bouyei Village
                 Nanlong Bouyei Village                 Lounan Bouyei Village              Banwan Bouyei Village 

When to visit Qianxinan?

Qianxinan enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate. Weather in this area is temperate and humid all the year round. Xingyi City is reputed as the 'Lesser Spring City'. As to the whole prefecture, the annual average temperature of January falls between 4.4 and 9.7 degree centigrade (40-49.5 degree Fahrenheit), and that of July remains between 21 and 26 degrees centigrade (69.8-78.8 degrees Fahrenheit). The rainy season usually lasts from May to September. The best time to visit Qianxinan in spring, summer and autumn.

How to get to Qianxinan?

As the capital of Qianxinan, Xingyi City is usually the first stop for visitors.
1. Xingyi Airport is situated 8 kilometers (5 miles) east of Xingyi City proper and only 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) from the Malinghe Valley. Flights to Guiyang and Shenzhen are available at present.
2. There are two main bus stations in Xingyi City. The east station is located in Hunan Street, and the west station (the new station) lies in Pingdong Dadao. Buses from Xingyi to Guiyang leaves frequently, but the journey is long. It usually costs five hours.

Qianxinan Travel Tips

Special Local Products: ornamental stone, garment accessories of Buyi ethnic minority

Useful Telephone Numbers:
Tourist Complaints: 0859-3116518
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip Code Inquiry: 184
Bank of China Branch: No.1, Hehuatang Lane, Xingyi City
China Post Branch: No.10, Panjiang Road, Xingyi City

Hotels in Duyun City: 
Great Lake Hotel Jinzhou-The Green Lake Hotel Jinzhou (Xingyi Jinzhou Cuihu Binguan) is located in downtown Xingyi within easy reach of Xingyi Square and several government bureaus. Xingyi Airport is a ten-minute drive off while a 20-minute taxi ride sees guests to the Xingyi Dingxiao Train Station.
Aviation Hotel- The Aviation Hotel (Minhang Jiudian) is located only 6 kilometers from a national scenic spot and 15 kilometers from a national geological park. From the airport, the Xingyi airport and the railway station are a 10-minute and 20-minute driving distance respectively.

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