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One-hundred-li Azalea Belt

The  Scenic Area of One-hundred-li Azalea Belt is situated at the intersection of Dafang and Qianxi Counties, Bijie City, Guizhou Province. Extending 50 kilometers (about 31 miles) in length on a narrow hill, it is the largest natural azalea belt in China. This scenic spot is divided into two parts, one in Dafang County, the other in Qianxi County. There are 23 kinds of azaleas found here.

One-hundred-li Azalea Belt.jpgNot only are the flowers charming, but also the legend of this place is quite moving. It is said that long, long ago, there were two couples of two ethnic minorities, the Yi and Miao, living here. They were hard-working and wanted to provide happy lives for their children. Unfortunately, they all died from exhaustion and their children buried them on the hill. After many years, their bodies turned into an inexhaustible coal, and beautiful azaleas grew on the entire hill...

In March, the azaleas are in bloom and the hill becomes a large kaleidoscope of gorgeous colors: reds, pinks, purplish blues, yellows, whites, and even a milky color. Astonishingly, you can see there are several different kinds of azaleas blooming on the same shrub. This phenomenon is really very rare in nature. Immersed in a sea of flowers, you might find yourself speechless enjoying the marvels of nature.

Additionally, there are many limestone caves nestled in the hills in the south of this scenic spot, and the Jiulongshan Hill also in this area is worth climbing. The ethnic minorities Yi and Miao both live here and you can experience the cultures of these groups during your visit.

Getting there: You can take a bus or a taxi in Qianxi County to the One-hundred-li Azalea Belt Scenic Spot.

Tips: The azaleas are in bloom from March to April. So it is best to go there during this time.

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