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Xiaoqikong Scenic Area

Located in Libo County, Qiannan City of Guizhou Province, Xiaoqikong Scenic Area is a top attraction in Qiannan City.

Honoured as “Small Jiuzhaigou”, Xiaoqikong Scenic Area is best known for the seven-arched Xiaoqikong Bridge, which is a landmark of Libo Zhangjiang Scenic Area. It was built in 1835 on a vital traffic road in ancient times between Qiannan City and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. With a length of 40 meters, a width of 2.2 meters, and a height of  5.5 meters, the bridge shows delicate structures and exquisite craftsmanship.

Due to continuous erosion, Xiaoqikong Scenic Area has evolved into the deep V-shaped Xiangshui River Valley, which is home to plunging waterfalls. In the upper reaches of Xiangshui River, Laya Waterfall seems to link with the sky at the top surrounded by clouds. Near Laya Waterfall, a 68-step waterfall flows down at random along a winding river less than 1 mile (2 kilometers). Downstream of Xiangshui River, the Green Valley Waterfall is surrounded by high green mountains which colour its water with green.

To the west of Xiangshui River Valley, Mandarin Ducks River, Heaven Bell Cave, as well as Wolong Valley are nestled. Mandarin Ducks River, as a typical Karst Blind Valley river, is about 50 acres (0.2 square kilometers). It takes one hour to visit by boat. Heaven Bell Cave is a Karst cave enjoying landscapes such as stalagmites and stone curtains. Decorated by colourful lights, it is like a fairyland. Wolong Valley is a rafting resort. The rafting begins from Wolong Pool and ends upstream of the Mandarin Ducks River taking a total time of 1.5 hours.
In addition, Water Forest and Rock Forest are great Karst forest wonders of Libo zhangjiang Scenic Area. Water Forest stands in Xiangshui Riverbeds. Although submerged by rushing water, they grow well. About 100 yards (91 meters) east of Water Forest, Rock Forest displays an abundance of monstera deliciosa. Roots of these plants extend most wondrously along fissures in the rocks.

Travel Tips

Admission fee: March to November: CNY 110,  December to next February: CNY 90

Sightseeing Bus: CNY 40

Wolong Valley Rafting: CNY 50

Mandarin Ducks River Boating: CNY 30

Opening Hours: 07:30 - 17:00

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