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Daqikong Scenic Area

Daqikong Scenic Area,located in Libo County of Guizhou Province, is famous for Daqikong Bridge, Dream Pond, Natural Bridge, and Evil Wind Cave. Daqikong Bridge was built in 1877 along an important trade route between Guizhou and Guangxi in ancient China. 550 yards (502 meters) northeast of Daqikong Bridge is the lower reach of Dream Pond where many kinds of fish gather. At one time, local people earned a living by fishing, so the pond is always attached to the hope of harvest by the fishermen and to safety by their families. Nowadays, Dream Pond is an ideal place for anglers.

Natural Bridge and Evil Wind Cave are both works of art created by nature. Natural Bridge is honoured as “Oriental Arch of Triumph”. It is originally the top of an underground river. In Late Quaternary Period (about 12 thousand years ago), as a result of uplift of the Earth's crust and undercutting of underground rivers, the top over the river partially collapsed. 

The remains finally form today’s Natural Bridge. Similarly, Evil Wind Cave is a Karst cave formed by the corrosion of flowing water. At the entrance of the cave, waterfalls cause vibrating airflow, which formerly were considered as evil sounds by local people--so it is jokingly called Evil Wind Cave.

Surrounded by overlapping mountains, Shuichun River is like a painted scroll. It is also a resort for rafting adventure. While rafting here, azure, clear rivers offer visitors feasts for the eyes, dense forests on both banks bring fresh air to breathe, and the alternation of rapid and slow flows gives visitors an unforgettable rafting experience. It takes 3 hours to travel all the way.

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