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Hainan Travel Guide

Hainan Island is China's most southerly province and the second largest island after Taiwan, the largest ocean island and the smallest land province in China, located in the South China Sea about 60 minutes south of Hong Kong by air. The closest city by flight to Hainan Island is Guangzhou (Canton), only 50 minutes to Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Island, and 70 minutes to Sanya. With a landmass of about 34,000 sq km, Hainan Island is made up of Hainan, Xisha, Zhongsha and Nansha islands. The province has a total coastline of about 1,529 km and covers a sea area of about 2.1 million sq km.

Hainan Facts Hainan.
Chinese Name: 海南(Hǎi Nán)
Abbreviation: Qiong
Administration Type: Province
Capital: Haikou
Location: 3°30' to 20°18' N, 108° 37' to 111°05' E
Climate: tropical monsoon climate
Average Annual Temperature: 23-25 °C (73 - 77 °F)
Average Annual Rainfall: 1,500 millimeters
Area: 35,000 km² (13,510mi²)
Population (2010): 8,671,518

Hainan Geogaraphy

Hainan has a total area of 33,900 square kilometers. Its length, from northeast to southeast, is about 290 kilometers and its width, from northwest to southeast, is about 180 kilometers. It is also the largest province in terms of marine jurisdiction (about two million square kilometers), covering three main island groups: the Xisha Islands, the Nansha Islands, and the Zhongsha Islands.

Hainan Province has a population of over 7 million, among which Han nationality is the overwhelming majority, while the rest are from 37 ethnic minorities. The Li and Miao ethnic groups comprise a large proportion of the minority population. The rich traditional cultures of the ethnic minorities have been well preserved there, which diversify the culture of Hainan Province.

Hainan History

In ancient China, Hainan Island was a savage land, and few people lived there. The government officials who did something wrong or displeased the emperor would be relegated to this island. It should be a thing of sadness to be relegated to this savage island, but when the unlucky officials went there, they came to realize that it was actually a blessing to settle there. For example, the most famous poet in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), Su Dongpo, was once relegated there, and this enchanting island really cast a spell over him. He left a lot of poems there, which highly praise the beauty of Hainan Island. He believed that it would be a happy thing to rest there after death, because the scenery there was the best he had ever seen.

What to see in Hainan?

Hainan is China's only tropical island province; is China's most popular tropical seaside resort. The four seasons here no winter and are sunny; the air is fresh, and the water is pure; it can be rated as a paradise on earth, a bright pearl in the South China Sea.

Hainan is easier to access than Mainland China for many nationalities, because Hainan's Special Visa-Free Policies. The visa-free policy will benefit group or individual tourists via travel agencies from 59 countries, including Russia, Britain, France, Germany, and the United States. 

Tourism Cities in Hainan

  • Sanya 

  • Sansha

  • Haikou

  • Qionghai

  • Wanling

  • Baoting

  • Danzhou

  • Wuzhishan

  • Chengmai

  • Dongfang

  • Lingshui

  • Ding'an

  • When to go ?

In the tropical monsoon climate, the temperature in Hainan does not change much throughout the year. The average temperature during the year ranges from 23 °C (73 °F) to 26 °C (79 °F). The dry season and the wet season are clearly different in Hainan, as the dry season (spring and winter) is warm and windy while the wet season (summer and autumn) is hot and humid. Hainan is an island to the south of mainland China separated by Qiongzhou Strait, and it is at 3 ° 30' to 20 ° 18' latitude. Hainan is much hotter than some tropical countries at the same latitude, such as America and Mexico, while it is cooler than some southeast countries like Thailand and Singapore.

Light, heat, and water resources are abundant in Hainan, and the country sees frequent damage from typhoons. Hainan enjoys long days of sunshine, as it sees about 2,200 annual hours of sunshine, and average annual rainfall is about 2,000 mm. The famous scenic spot, Yalong Bay, may be the best place to visit at any time of the year, and you'll also see the spectacular scenery of the south sea of China while enjoying the sunshine. The best time to visit Hainan is from December to March (late spring and early summer). During these months, the weather in Hainan is mild and agreeable, while other parts of China are in a cold and harsh winter.

Recommended Hainan Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Haikou-Qionghai-Xinglong

First visit Bo'ao Asia Forum Site in Qionghai, then go to Yudai Beach, and you can take boat trip in Bo'ao, a drifting is also available in Wanquan River Tourism Zone, and then take a coach to get to Xionglong Huaqiao Farm, the largest farm in China operated by oversea Chinese. After that, you can take a tour to Xinglong Tropical Plantation. At night, you can enjoy a hot spring bath for free.

Day 2: Sanya

In the morning, take a coach from Xinglong to Sanya, the southernmost coastal city of China. On the way, visit the Li Ethnic Village. Then take a tour to Tianya Haijiao (end of the earth), a romantic place for lovers. At last, visit the Southern Heaven Pillar (Nan Tian Yi Zhu) Tourism Zone.

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