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Haikou Holiday Beach

HaikouHaikou Holiday Beach is a major recreational resort in the west of Haikou City, in Hainan Province. The beach, some 6 km long, enjoys a wonderful climate (average temperature of 75.2F), with sparkling waters, waving coconut trees, and plenty of sunshine and blue skies.

What to see?

Haikou Holiday Beach has four zones: Sea spot,Food and Culture,the Fun Section,Relaxation.

Sea Sports: Here, one can enjoy swimming, sail-boarding, kayaking, or just lazing on the beach. Just whatever takes your fancy.

Food and Culture: the Guanjingtai Plaza provides excellent sightseeing and a wide variety of restaurants and bars to satisfy every palate. The International Fishing Club offers high-tech fishing tools and makes you enjoy the happiness of fishing.

Haikou2.jpgThe Fun Section: this offers a wide range of family entertainment: the Music Square, a roller-skating course, a Children's Movement Center, the Kingdom of Butterflies, and much more. Especially popular is the World above Water with its water ballet and diving presentations.

Relaxation: This  beach provides accommodation in a relaxing environment: everything from villas and chalets to tents and hammocks is comfortable, clean and safe.

An unusual feature of the Holiday Beach Resort is the 'kissing fish'. These fish can live happily in 104F water, and they will nibble at your body to provide delightful underwater skin-cleansing care. 

Travel Tips

Entrance Fee:  CNY 20

Transport: Sightseeing Bus No. 6; Tourist Bus No. 1 and 2

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