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Dongzhai Harbor

Dongzhai 1.jpgDongzhai Harbor Mangrove Natural Reserve Area is known for the largest and the first mangrove natural reserve area in China. It is located in the northeast of Haikou City with an area of 3337.6 hectares. And it is a typical tropical jungle, and the mangrove tree family can be seen everywhere in the area. Mangrove is a kind of tropical tree that grows in swamps and sends roots down from its branches. When the tide is high, the mangroves are submerged by the water, and leave only the green crowns for people to wonder at their marvelous nature.

What to see?

Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Natural Reserve Area is also called 'heaven for birds'. About 159 species of birds inhabit Dongzhai Harbor1.jpgthe reserve, including many rare migratory birds. So it is not only a national mangrove reserve, but it is also a wetland of international importance especially as a waterfowl habitat. During the winter, the best season for bird watching there, tens of thousands of birds turn the area into a wonderland. Because of the nourishment the mangroves provide to the swamp, marine animals prefer to spawn and raise their infants here. Fish, shrimp and shellfish in abundance can fill visitors' stomach freshly and palatably, and provide a substantial feast for the birds.

Apart from the beautiful scenery, there is another natural wonder in the harbor: Villages under the sea. Historical writings say that at midnight on July 13th, 1605, a severe earthquake occurred and made 72 villages subside into the sea. Hundreds of years later, the 72 villages have become an amazing underwater sight waiting for visitors to discover their extraordinary story.

Dongzhai 2.jpgNo matter what kind of adventure you are looking for, whether natural sightings of the mangroves and birds, or the underwater sightseeing, or you just want to have a good meal of local foods, you can certainly have a good time in Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Nature Reserve Area.

Travel Tips

Entrance Fee: CNY 20

Opening hours: 08:00-17:30

How to Get there: It's 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) away from Haikou City, so you'd better take a bus at Qiongshan Minibus Station on Hongchenghu Road. Get off at Yanfeng Village and find a passenger tricycle; it will take you to Dongzhai Harbor directly.
Special Local Product: seafood (oyster, prawn, eel and crab, etc.), sticky rice cake, tropical fruit.

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