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Meijiawu Tea Cultural Village

Meijiawu is a village community and a tea culture leisure area with the most features of tea village in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Besides, it is also an ideal place to drink Longjing Green Tea and have rural meals. Meijiawu Tea Cultural Village tucked inside the greenery of the mountains and waters. Tea houses join each other at "snaking tranquil creek”, while the fragrance of tea is in the air.

Meijiawu Tea Cultural Village  Meijiawu Tea Cultural Village

The Premier Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall, Langdang Mountain (entry) and Ligeng Hall are the cultural demonstrative venues in the village, of which Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall has been carefully renovated, and Ten Miles Langdang Lane has become wider and tidier. The 11 stone bridges represent the traditional Chinese cultural atmosphere in Meijiawu as well.

Meijiawu Tea Cultural Village  Meijiawu Tea Cultural Village

Meijiawu Tea Village in particular is reputed for its history of serving exquisite tea. This picturesque village will enable you to experience the pleasure of a perfect cup of tea, watch several tea ceremonies (very elaborate, very sophisticated) and most interestingly select tea under professional supervision. Chinese tea can be of different varieties, you might or again might not require some advice or help in selecting a particular brand. Longjin Tea, or Dragon Well tea, known as the best green tea in China, is one of the best kinds of tea in China. It is not a secret that agricultural fields can be really picturesque in China, such as the rice paddies and terraces. The tea plantations at Meijiawu Village are as good as them, if not better. Neatly planted rows of tea bushes line up the hillside; meandering soil paths, like brown threads, sew the pieces of green together; villagers pick up tea sprouts in their wide-brimmed straw hats.

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