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Zhangbei Grassland

Zhangbei GrasslandLocated in Zhangbei County, it is the closest grassland from Beijing. The resort has the best-preserved primitive prairie, and is a popular comprehensive scenic area for summer escapes, sightseeing, and holidays. The highlight is the world largest Mongolian yurt, Summer Relieving Palace (Qing Shu Dian), which now functions as a dining hall, meeting room and performance hall. People of all ages are drawn to the resort’s ethnic amusement park, racecourse and glider field. At night, you can also attend the grand campfire party, through which you can experience the hospitality of the locals.

 Zhongdu Grassland
As part of the Xilingol Grassland, Zhongdu Grassland is the best-preserved virgin one in China, within the lowest latitude. Emperor Wuzong of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) established the auxiliary capital Zhongdu on it in 1307, where the royal family spent hot summer days and had a lot of fun.
Presently, tourists can experience authentic Mongolian customs here. Women of Mongolian nationality in colorful dresses hold silver bowls and propose a toast to tourists. Also, they respectfully present Hada, a strip of raw silk, to tourists to express their best wishes. Tourists can also lie on the boundless grassland and appreciate the pure blue sky, while listening to the moos of cattle, bleats of sheep, and jingles of camel bells. Moreover, they can spend a night in the Mongolian yurts, and taste authentic Mongolia food, like the milky tea, mutton soup, and steamed bread. It is an unforgettable and wonderful experience!
Anguli Grassland 
Anguli Grassland is the nearest one to Beijing, covering a gross area of 59 square miles (153 square kilometers). “Anguli” means “swan goose” in English, and Anguli Lake inside the scenic area, is the largest high altitude inland lake in the north of China, with a total area of more than 26 square miles (67 square kilometers). In summer, many kinds of wild flowers are in full bloom, making the vast grassland a picturesque place. Various birds fly over the limpid water, chirping and warbling. The beautiful scenery will leave visitors with a deep impression of serenity, and peace with nature.
Furthermore, tourists can take part in various activities. They can ride horses, discharge arrows, take part in wrestling, fly kites, go fishing, play football and volleyball, and drive motorbikes, karts, and jeeps. They can also taste delicious local food, participate in bonfire parties and the Nadam Fair of the Mongolian People, and spend an unforgettable night in the Mongolian yurts. Additionally, they can watch the traditional Qiangmu Dance which is peculiar to the Anguli Grassland. With horns blaring, the dancers wearing colorful dresses and special masks present to tourists the essence of Tibetan Buddhism through their movements and postures. It is quite exciting!

Music Festival
The famous Zhangbei Grassland Music Festival is held on the Zhongdu Grassland in late July for three days every year. Many types of music are performed during the festival, including rock music, pop, folk, metal, and rap. The music festival is very appealing to music lovers of all ages.

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