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Small Wutai Mountain

Little Wutai MountainThe Small Wutai Mountain is located in Yuxian County and Zhuolu County of Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province, 125 kilometers to the west of central Beijing. “Wutai” literally means “five peaks” because the mountain has five main peaks. “Small” is added before “wutai” to distinguish it from the Wutai Mountain in Shanxi Province. Being part of Taihang Mountains, the Small Wutai Mountain takes up a total area of 53,951 acres (21,833 hectares), with a length of 60 kilometers and a width of 28 kilometers. It was listed as a provincial nature reserve in November, 1983, and a national nature reserve in July, 2002.

What to see ?

There are two scenic areas in the Small Wutai Mountain Nature Reserve, including the Yangjiaping Scenic Area and the Jinhekou Scenic Area. Thirty-one major attractions are distributed in the scenic areas, including the Cool Valley, the Immortal Sleeping Stone, the Black Dragon Lake, the Pearl Spring, the Colorful Pebbles, the Buddha Watching Terrace, the Dongpo Site, and the Thin Strip of Sky. More importantly, the Small Wutai Mountain is famous forBuddhism. A great number of Buddhist buildings which were constructed by eminent monks remain, including ancient temples, traditional grottoes, time-honored pagodas, and old tablets.

The Small Wutai Mountain is comprised of numerous peaks, and the slopes vary between 35 and 70 degrees. There are as many as 134 peaks with an altitude of over 2,000 meters. The peaks higher than 2,300 meters amount to 50. 

The five main peaks are the highest. The East Peak, North Peak, Middle Peak, South Peak, and West Peak are 2,882 meters,2,837 meters,2,801 meters,2,743 meters and 2,671 meters above sea level respectively. As the highest among the five main peaks, the East Peak is renowned as the main peak of Taihang Mountains and the highest peak in Hebei Province.

The Small Wutai Mountain Nature Reserve is a paradise for hiking and camping lovers because the most difficult hiking routes near Beijing can be found here. These routes are the Shanjiankou Route, the Chiyabao Route, the West Jinhekou Route, and the Xiahuichuan Route. Besides, there are a lot of camps along these routes, where hikers can stop to have a rest or a snack.

How to get there?

By Long-distance Bus: Take a long-distance bus to Yuxian County at the Northern Suburban Long-distance Bus Station, the Zhaogongkou Long-distance Bus Station, or the Liuliqiao Long-distance Bus Station. Afterwards, take a taxi to the site at the price of about CNY 6. The schedule of the long-distance bus is listed below.

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