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Xinglong National Geopark

Founded in 2009, Xinglong National Geopark is located in Xinglong County,Chengde City,Hebei Province. Covering a total area of 187 square kilometers, the Xinglong Natioanl Geopark includes Wuling Mountain,Xinglong Cave,Liuping Scenic Spot. 

What to see?

Xinglong Cave:  Discovered in 2003, the Xinglong Cave is located in Beishui Township of Xinglong County. It is so large that has 5 square kilomters. But it has been opened to toursits only 2.7 square kilometers. The cave is famous for karst limstone landform that includes stone flowers,stone pillars,stone cartains,etc.Compared with the famous karst caves in China, the cave belongs to a small cave, but the landscape is density and richness,and it is also rarely in the world.

Wuling Mountain:  Wuling Mountain  is located in the northwest of Xinglong County. Wuling Mountain, 2118 meters above sea level,  is the main peak of the Yanshan mountains .It is a National Nature Reserve thta has some unique sceneries such as Xianren Tower, Lotus Pond, Waitao Peak, Qipan Well,Longtan Waterfall and Wuling Stone Carving,etc.

Xinglong Mountain:  Located in Dashuiquan Township in Xinglong County of Hebei Province, Xinglong Mountain is praised as"the Small Zhangjiajie" by most tourists. Covering a total area of 38 square kilometers, the scenic area   is famous for unque  stone peaks, cystal waters, and deed gorges. It looks like a natural Chinese painting that was discovered in recent years.


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