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Harbin Stalin Park

Built in 1953, the Stalin Park is located on the southern bank of the Songhua river in Harbin City, capital of Heilongjiang Province. Stalin Park is evidence of the friendship between the two biggest communist countries at that time. Extending 1,750 meters from the Songhua River railway bridge to the east and Jiuzhan Park to the west, it is a belt-shaped open park built along the riverbank. Facing the famous Sun Island on the other side of the river and covering an area of 105,000 square meters, the park is characterized by Russian style flower beds and sixteen groups of art sculptures and is lavishly vegetated with flowers and trees.

The Monument is the central attraction of the Stalin Park to commemorate the tremendous feat of the Harbin people in control the massive flood of 1957. The Monument is about 13 meters tall and consists of a Roman style cylinder column with statues of heroes of the flood standing on top of it.
Following the path walking north in Stalin Park, you will find the two sides of the main path filled with tall trees, which would be very relaxing and beautiful during summer time when the leaves are green.

In winter, the Songhua River becomes a road of ice (when it's one-meter thick enough for supporting a truck), the locals and tourists take it as a sports center, with ice skating, sledding, sleighing, ice hockey and ice sailing all options. You can hire the gear you'll need from vendors along the riverbank. If you really want to show off, join the people who like to swim in the gaps in the ice.
Like Zhaolin Park and the Sun Island Park, Stalin Park is also designated as one of the venues of the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. The artists from all over the world would spend some days to finish their great ice or snow sculptures in December or January.

Travel Tips

Entrance Fee: free

Opening hours: 08:00-21:00

Add: Stalin Street ( nearby Songhuajiang River), Daoli District,Harbin City.

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