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Harbin Eurasia Theme Park

Harbin Window of Eurasia Theme Park, located southwest of Harbin City of Heilongjiang Provicne, is a comprehensive park that combines sightseeing with entertainment, body-building and catering xervice as well as ice and snow tourist attractions. It shows the mini architectures and scenic attractions of Eurasia. Visitors can get a better understanding of outside world here.

Theme Park Harbin.jpgHarbin Window of Eurasia Theme Park is the first theme park bases on the classical architectures of the world of mini style in Northeast China. It was built in 1997 and was open to the public in 1998.The park shares a total area of over 318,000 square meters with more than 40 classical architectures of Eurasia style. Visitors can visit classical and splendid buildings of different architectural styles by taking a stroll around the park.

The park incorporates the western gardens with China’s gardens perfectly, which forms an unique scenery to visitors. There are lots of world-renowned architectures in mini style such as Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Pyramids, Paris’s Arc de Triomphe and Netherlands windmills as well as Russia’s Cathedral etc. Taking a stroll along these architectures makes visitors feel like walking through different countries.

In winter, there will be lots of magnificent ice sculptures standing in the park. Visitors can not only enjoy the beauty of ice sculptures but also can go skiing at the ski resorts located inside the park. The ice scenery is really beautiful here, which attracts lots of visitors from at home and abroad to get there for photography.

Besides the unique architectures of Eurasia style, there are peacocks and pigeons flying around. Families with kids always play with these cute animals here.

Travel Tips

1, How to get there: Visitors can get here by taking bus No. 64,83,336 from the downtown of Harbin City. Or taking bus No. 87, 104, 106 get to Heilongjiang University and then take a fifteen-minute walk to get there.

2. It is freezing cold in winter. So it is advisable for visitors to take coats.

3. Entrance Fee: CNY 20

   Opening Hours: 08:00-21:00

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