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Jingpo Lake

Jingpo Lake, also known as Jingbo Lake,  is the largest alpine barrier lake in China formed by volcanic eruptions ten thousand years ago. Kingpo Lake is located in a county-level city Ning'an in the southwest of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province. It features magnificent natural scenery of lakes, waterfalls and volcanic landforms as well as some profound historical and cultural attractions.

What to see?

Jingpo Lake was recognized as one of the most important national-level scenic and historic interest areas in 1982 and was awarded the title of Jingpo Lake Global Geopark in 2006. Mountains surround this narrow and long lake while the lake embraces islets in the water. Diaoshuilou Waterfall, underground lava tunnels and crater forests constitute the highlights of the scenic area.

Jingpo Lake

According to legends, Jingpo Lake is a mirror of a fairy that fell from heaven. Geographically, the lake is located in the upper reaches of Mudan River. About 4,700 to 8,300 years ago, five volcanic eruptions occurred in Ning'an City because of frequent crustal movements. As a result, the magma turned into a huge dam after cooling and uplifted the upper reaches of Mudan River. Therefore, this dammed lake was formed. Unlike normal lakes, it's not round or oval. The lake retains the shape of a watercourse, long and narrow, like a jade ribbon embedded in mountains.

Jingpo Lake has another name, '100-Li Long Lake'. The S-shaped winding lake is divided into four parts, Upper Lake, North Lake, Middle Lake and South Lake, stretching for a total distance of about 100 li (30 miles). Hence its name. The lake occupies an area of around 30 square miles (79 square kilometers). No wonder it is the largest lava-dammed lake in the world.
Diaoshuilou Waterfall

Located at the northern end of Jingpo Lake, Diaoshuilou Waterfall is a must-see of the whole scenic area. The 130 feet (40 meters) wide water fall has a drop of more than 66 feet (20 meters). During the flood period, its width extends to 330 feet (100 meters). The water eventually falls into a 200 feet (60 meters) deep pool with a diameter of 230 feet (70 meters). According to some researches, the waterfall is formed on a collapsed lava cave. Known as the widest waterfall in Asia, Diaoshuilou Water resembles the world-famous Niagara Falls very much. There visitors can enjoy a breathtaking waterfall jumping performance at 10:00 and 14:00. A man called Di Huanran will jump from the waterfall and then climb the cliff to reach the top bare-handed.

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Volcanic Landforms

With a diameter of about 230 to 1,800 feet (70 to 550 meters) and a depth of around 100 to 430 feet (30 to 132 meters), 12 volcano craters are scattered in the northwest part of the scenic area. Today, these craters are covered with dense woods. The volcano craters and the forest form a spectacular landscape called ‘Underground Forest’. Besides, large lava tunnels in various shapes can be found on the volcanic plateaus, among which the longest one is more than 32,800 feet (10,000 meters) long. It is the largest and most intact lava tunnel found in China.

Jingpo Lake Travel Tips

Jingpo Lake Winter Fishing Festival

Every year, a winter fishing festival will be held from December to the next March. There will be a worship ceremony for the Lake Lord and fishing nets. Tourists can not only participate in ice fishing activities, but also can taste authentic local fish dishes.

Entrance Fee: May 1 to the end of next February: CNY 100;  March 1 to April 30: CNY 70

Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00

Best Time to visit: June to September

Tel:  0453-6996683;0453-6996680 

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