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Hanyuan Stele Forest

Hanyuan Stele ForestHanyuan Stele Forest is an artistic treasure-house characterized by the combination of monument carving art and garden art.West of Longting Park is located the Hanyuan Stele Forest with an area of 100 mu which is spacious enough to erect 3,500 calligraphy monuments. This center was started by Li Gongtao, a retired cadre from Kaifeng Supply and Marketing Cooperative and built in August, 1995.

In the center erect nearly 3,000 monuments concerning poem, calligraphy, painting, and stamps but centered on calligraphy art. According to the content and expression way, these monuments can be divided into following corridors: central monument corridor, modern monument corridor, Song Dynasty monument corridor, monument corridor of emperors and officials, painting monument corridor, seal cutting monument corridor, hard-pen calligraphy monument corridor, minorities monument corridor, middle age calligraphy monument corridor, and international friendship monument corridor.

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