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Shangqiu Ancient City

Shangqiu Ancient City1.jpgShangqiu Ancient City is currently well-preserved, historical and  cultural city in the national-level, which is located in the Suiyang district,  the southern part of Shangqiu City,Henan Province. The  application of Chinese traditional geomancy theory to the  exceptional design of the ancient city of Shangqiu forms three main features,  that is, the eight diagrams city, the watery city and city piles up city, as  well as the trinity of inner city, city lake and city walls.The unique style of  architecture can be reputed the model of ancient  city in China.It is built in the period of Zhengde of  Ming dynasty since 500 years ago.

What to see?

The main tourism area of the ancient city are historical sites, which  combines human landscape with natural scenery. In the culture area, we can  experience the charms of the Ming and Qing dynasties, visit Zhuanghui hall-the  former residence of Hou Fangyu, who is a genius in the late Ming dynasty, and  pursuit his moving love story with Li Xiangjun, who is a beauty in the Qinhuai  area.Shangqiu Ancient City2.jpgIn the South Lake resorts, we can  enjoy 4000 acres' city moat tour, visit the ancestral temple of Zhangxun together with tasting the  melancholy of defeating 130 thousand people with thousands soldiers in protecting Suiyang district, and appreciate the calligraphy materials of Yan  Zhenqing-the famous calligrapher of Tang dynasty in the Baguan Study, then take  a look at the Yingtian academy that is classified the top of the four college  academies in the North Song dynasty.

There is a broad and beautiful city moat around the inner city, owning over  ten li in length and about one li in width, which looks like a jade belt to  circle the city all around. Ten thousand  acres'  lake water is clear enough to see the bottom and ripples the  waves. In the turn of spring and summer, the willow dances in the  breeze and shares the shade; the waterfowl sings joyfully; the pampas grass sways in  the wind; the lotus smells sweet. How wonderful and interesting it  would be if you can look up at the attractive scenery of the ancient city, and  look down at the lively fish swimming in the river, then talking about the past  and today.The little island that stands  alone in the center of the water, just like a slim, lovely and graceful  fairy. It is more likely to imagine a lot  and to be a slave of pleasure if you step on the top of the ancient city,  overlooking all the scenic spots.

The exterior of ancient city is in the circle shape, while mouth shape in  the interior. he whole shape is like an ancient copper coin. The shape of 93  streets is like a checkerboard. The topography of inner city  is in the shape of turtle's back , high in the middle and low in the  vicinity, and slightly inclining to the south. Overlooking the entire city,  you can find the building group of gate towers and courtyard houses. From the period  of Jiajing in the Ming dynasty to the early Qing dynasty, there emerges two  prime ministers, five ministers and more than ten assistant ministers, grand  coordinators, the troop commander, the renowned writer, and so on. Therefore,  the architectures of official residence is quite a lot.

The ancient city of Shangqiu entails long-standing history and magnificent  culture. Shangqiu, Suiyang, the country Song, Nanjing and Guide  prefecture  are different names in the different periods in  the history of Shangqiu, as if pouring out its long and brilliant history.  As early as 1986, the ancient city of Shangqiu was named as national historical and cultural city by the State Council. In 1996, the city walls of Guide prefecture was awarded the reputation of the national cultural relic protection units.

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