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Jiangkou Bird Island

Home to geese, cranes, egrets, and other birds, the Jiangkou Niaozhou Nature Reserve is another popular attraction.Jiangkou Niaozhou Nature Reserve, which is 41 kilometers from Hengyang City, is the smallest protected area with the richest bird resources. There are 181 bird species here, including Siberian Crane(Grus leucogeranus), Mandarin Duck(Aix galericulata). Endangered bird species in this area include Oriental Stork(Cicnia boyciana), Swan Goose(Anser cygnoides), Baikal Teal(Anas formosa).

The island is located near Jiangkou Town in Hengnan County. Rare bird species such as white cranes and white egrets inhabit on the island. The warm and comfortable climate and the beautiful natural scenery are additional appeals to tourists.

Travel Tips

Transport: Take tourist buses in Hengnan County
Admission (for reference): RMB10 yuan/adult
Favorite season to travel: May to October
Location: Jiangkou Town, Hengnan County, Hengyang of Hunan Province

Yehou Academy
Known as the oldest academy in China, it is located at the foot of Yanxia Hill. Its primitive name is Duan Jushi. During Tang Dynasty, the prime minister, Li Mi once rested here. In 775, An Lushan revolted. He gathered rebel army and soon seized the capital of the Tang Dynasty (Chang’an). As a result, the emperor Li Longji fled to Shu. His son, the prince Li Heng, came to the throne in Linwu, then called Suzong. Then Li Mi left to pay a call on him and summed up the success and failure of the nation. Therefore, Li got the deep trust of the emperor; however, he soon became the target of the evil and envious Kanzler Cuiyuan. In order to avoid getting into trouble, Li requested to retire and decided to live on Hengshan Mountain. After he died, his son Li Fan built an academy on the west of the mountain in memory of his father. People called it Nanyue Academy. During the Nansong Dynasty, it was moved to the foot of Jixian Peak and was renamed Yehou Academy.  In1938, Zhou Enlai and Guo Moruo came here and Guo Moruo left many poems here, such as "Climbing the Yehou Academy of Hengshan".

Zhuhui Pagoda
 Zhu Hui Pagoda lies in the south of the Baiting Mountain of Cha Shan’ao County, Hengyang. The Zhu Hui Pagoda and the Wild Goose Arrival Pagoda face each other on the opposite side of the Xiang River. The pagoda is 38.15 meters high with a base 7.5 meters in width. Facing the south, it set on a base engraved with dragons, phoenixes, clouds, mountains, waters, flowers, and other auspicious birds and animals.ang Zhichu suggested building the Zhu Hui Pagoda, and it was completed two years later in 1897.
The pagoda is a typical brick cone shape, and is composed seven stories and eight layered piles. Each story has tiers of upturned eaves shaped like fish tails. An iron gourd is installed on its top. Each floor has four rooms and two windows. There are stone banners and couplets on the first three floors, particularly on the first floor. The north-south doors are used to enter and the east-west doors are used to ascend. Above the door is a white marble carving with the three Chinese characters “Zhu Hui Ta”. There are couplets on each side of the door. There once was a marble monument which documented the building the pagoda. Wang Xianqian wrote the article and Huang Ziyuan inscribed the calligraphy.  The work itself is a treasure; unfortunately, it was stolen in 2002.


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