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​Victoria Harbor

Located between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula,Victoria Harbor is the largest in Asia and the third largest seaport in the world, behind San Francisco, USA and Rio de victoria-harborJaneiro, Brazil. Because it is natural harbor that has deep water port and wide area, hence it is called the "Pearl of the Orient". It has worldwide reputation for it beautiful night view. The name of the harbor derived from the British Queen Victoria. Visitors can get free access to the island all year round. Victoria Harbor has affected Hong Kong's history and culture. It leads the economic and tourism development of Hong Kong and become one of the key facts which make Hong Kong an international metropolis.

Victoria Harbor has always been a major waterway since the ancient time. There were armies stationed there at the time. But before 1840 it was just a small fishing village of 5,000 people in Hong Kong, and there are few written records about the ancient harbor. According to the history books, there were armies stationed there since the Song dynasty to protect merchants and salt maritime trafficking.
In Qing Dynasty, the British expected Victoria Harbor to be the largest port in East Asia have become an excellent potential to win at the Opium War and its excellent port of Hong Kong to develop its maritime trade in the Far East, but also in order to prevent other powers to possess this place at the time, which is the strategic excellent deep-water port. It opened the British colony's history of Hong Kong. After the British occupation of Victoria Harbor, they gradually built beautiful buildings and streets on the South Bank (Hong Kong Island). In 1861, the harbor was officially named as Victoria Harbor, named after the queen at the time.

Victoria Harbor has wide water. The scenery here is quite charming. In the northwest, there is the largest container shipping centers in the world, "Kwai Chung Container Terminal". Standing aside the island, visitors can see busy ferries shuttling between the north and south sides. Fishing boats, cruise ships, sightseeing boats, and giant ships cut out a wonderful bustling sea views.

Take a ferry in Victoria Harbor

take-a-ferry-victoria-harborFerry is a symbol of Hong Kong and it is the necessary tool in the daily life.
As a pearl of China, Hong Kong is tender as charming with the ocean and peaceful surroundings. When you take a ferry in Hong Kong and sway yourself with sea waves, you will know why this city is attractive.

Star Ferry, the major transport vehicle for locals, the popular attraction for visitors, and a representative of Hong Kong, plays an important role to transport people between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon since 1898. With 12 double-deck ferries, the well-equipped cabins on upper decks will provide a comfortable environment. The better view from lower decks also ensures travelers needs. There is a specially designed tour ferry that features a coffee house and a sunbathing deck. It has proved to be popular with tourists who can enjoy a cup of coffee or just relax while watching the many sights of Victoria Harbor.

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