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Hong Kong Dining

How about Hong Kong Dining ? With 14,000 restaurants at your service in Hong Kong, where do you even start? Read on for a guide to the city’s not-to-be missed eating experiences. Whether Chinese, Asian or from farther afield, each bite is truly Hong Kong.

What to eat in Hong Kong?

Must-eats in Hongkong

If you want a ‘must-eat’ list for Hong Kong, look no further. From dim sum to milk tea, put at least some of the city’s renowned must-eats on your menu.

                   Chinese Barbecue                      Dim sum             Hong Kong Local Snacks 
                      Seafood Streets                       Winter Food              Walled-village food

Where to eat in Hong Kong?

As a compact city with more than 14,000 restaurants, Hong Kong could be described as a dining district in itself. Where to go? Culinary discoveries can be made just about anywhere in the city. However, check out these foodie neighbourhoods, where the business of cooking and eating really does take precedence to everything else.

Chinese Restaurants in Hong Kong

                      Aberdeen                  Murray House                   Soho

International Food

Start your day with a full English, lunch on Thai and have Mediterranean for dinner. Sound good? Hong Kong offers a formidable variety of cuisines, with menus that span from the Himalayas to the Andes, and Scandinavia to Southeast Asia.

International cuisines can be found all over the city but many such restaurants cluster in certain neighbourhoods such as Lan Kwai Fong, SoHo, Star Street and Knutsford Terrace.

HK-Special-Dining-Needs_03.jpgHalal Food
Hong Kong has restaurants serving halal food for the city’s indigenous and expatriate Muslim population. However, please note that some restaurants serving halal food also serve alcohol. It’s best to ask first. Check out the list of certified halal food outlets in Hong Kong.

Vegetarians have plenty of choice in Hong Kong with superb Buddhist fare served at temples, international and Chinese restaurants offering vegetarian dishes, and the renowned vegetarian menus of Indian restaurants.

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