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Dining In Huaihua

Huaihua is home to many kinds of fruit as well as medicinal plants. Oranges, grapefruits, waxberries and jujubes are just some of the fruits produced here. There are 1,785 kinds of medicinal plants. The output of Fuling (poris cocos) makes up half the nation’s total and the output of rhizome gastrodiae (= tall gastrodia tuber 天麻)ranks first in Hunan province.

What to eat in Huaihua? 

And Huaihua is also  a home of Miao,Dong,Tujia ethnic minorites, the food and cuisine feature its local style.

Huaihua Food.jpgZhijiang Duck

Zhijiang duck is a famous specialty food of Dong ethnic group in western Hunan Province. The world-famous Zhijiang duck, with its long history, has perfect combination of color, aroma and taste. The traditional custom of eating duck and sending cooked duck to relatives and friends every Mid-autumn Festival can date back to Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) in Zhijiang, The unique aroma of Zhijiang duck is mainly due to the special temperature and ingredients used in its preparation in the autumn and winter seasons of Zhijiang.

Dong Salted Fish

The dish is prepared with fish and glutinous rice marinated in a mixture of salt, ground chili pepper, ginger, garlic and rice wine. The cooked meat has a red luster, tastes sour, salty and spicy at the same time and smells delicious.

Jingzhou carved preserved fruit (vegetable)

It is a kind of ethnic food with unique features, and an exquisite handiwork. It is a perfect combination of cuisine culture and ethnic culture. Originated from East Zhou Dynasty (770 B.C. - 249 B.C.) and prevailed in late Five Dynasties, the preserved fruit (vegetable) has been selected as an imperial tribute to the Royal Court for generations. The making huaihua food2.jpgtechnique is mainly passed down by inheritors living in Quyang Town of Jingzhou Miao Autonomous County in southwest Hunan and its surroundings.Boasting a long history, Jingzhou carved preserved fruit is the product of women’s superb craftsmanship. Unripe pomelo is the most common fruit to be caved and preserved. It will be first cut into slices, on which a variety of patterns including dragon, phoenix, fish, shrimp, flower, birds, insects and leaves are carved. Later, slices will be mixed with white sugar or honey after rinsing and dry them in the sun.

Besides unripe pomeloes, a variety of vegetables can be made for preserved ones, including white gourd, cucumber, snake melon, tomato, bitter gourd, red bean, sword bean.

Jingzhou carved preserved fruit (vegetable) boasts a delicious taste and can help to moisturize the lungs and promote the secretion of saliva.

In March 2009, the craftsmanship of Jingzhou carved preserved fruit (vegetable) was included in the second batch of  Hunan Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Items.

Where to eat?

Xiangshui Renjia
Add: 373M. Yingfeng Rd., Huaihua
Tel: (86)745-2724888

Add: 177E.Yingfeng Rd., Huaihua
Tel: (86)745-8267888

Fufeng Geese
Add: By the bridge on Hutian Ave., Huaihua
Tel: (86)745-2354723

Add:Wushui Rd., Huaihua
Tel: (86)745-2241888

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