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Shopping In Huaihua

Huaihua covers a total area of 27,600 square kilometers with a population 4,900,000. 40% of its population is minority ethnic groups like Dong, Miao, Tujia and Yao. The city of Huaihua is a city directly under the jurisdiction of provincial government of Hunan. There are ten counties, one city and two districts under the jurisdiction of Huaihua municipal government. The Yuan Jiang River, the second longest river of Hunan, flows through most of its territory. Huaihua is the confluence of the five tributaries of Yuanjiang River.

What to buy in Huaihua?

Hongjiang Bamboo Weaving 

It has a long history in Hongjiang City. Among the traditional products of bamboo weaving in Hongjiang City, the flower baskets made in Tuokou Town and Qiancheng Town are of unique style with attractive appearance and exquisite workmanship. Since 1970s, they have been exported to 18 countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong. They were honored as the "Trustworthy Product" by the Ministry of Foreign Trade of China in November, 1978. In 1985, the output of the bamboo weaving products in Hongjiang City had reached 300 thousand and the output value had reached 370 thousand yuan.

Hot and Spicy Series

This series of food include "hot and spicy beef", "hot and spicy chicken cubes", "hot and spicy rabbit cubes","hot spicy bean curd" and "hot spicy turnip slices". The most famous brand is "Wuxi". Its products are much loved by people in Changsha, Wuhan, Shanghai and other big cities.

Yuanling Tea

Yuanling is abundant of tea. Among the main brands are the "Beirong Jietan", "Guanzhuang Jieting" and "Guanzhuang Ganfa". The "Guanzhuang Ganfa" series has won the honorary title of "Famous Chinese Tea". It sells well in Japan and Southeast Asia.

Foodstuffs of Wild Plants

These foodstuffs are made of wild plants grown in unpolluted soil. Famous varities are the root of Kudzu vine, dehydrated vegetables, bamboo shoots and cordate houtuynia.

Where to buy in Huaihua?

Huaihua Shopping City
Add: 12 Wuling Rd., Huaihua
Tel: (86)745-2238326

Lidu Jiajiajia
Add: Wushui Rd., Huaihua
Tel: (86)745-2280539

Jiahui Department Commodities Center
Add: 118 S. Hezhou Rd., Huaihua
Tel: (86)745-2290263

Better Life Department Store
Add: 207 W. Yingfeng Rd., Huaihua
Tel: (86)745-2237315

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