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Huangdu Dong Cultural Village

Huangdu Dong Cultural Village is located in the Huangtu Town of Tongdao Dong Autonomous County. It is said that when the king of the ancient Yelang Kingdom passed by the village, he was infatuated with the full bodied folk customs and ethnic flavor. Therefore he constructed the imperial city there. The whole scenic area consists of four stockaded villages. Visitors can admire folk performances by the local Dong people and appreciate the characteristic Dong architecture set among green mountains and rivers. 

Dong villages are usually constructed either on mountain slopes or on flatland. Four of the Dong villages in Huangdu Township are built on mountain slopes with a stream nearby. A legend says that during the reign of Ming Emperor Yongle, four brothers settled in the area as it is surrounded by mountains on four sides. The mountains resembled four great dragons guarding treasure. So, over time, the four brothers built four villages, naming them Dragon-head Village, Dragon-tail Village, Spiraling Dragon Village and New Village.

Huangdu Dong Cultural Village is located in the south of Tongdao County and extends more than 50km along the Pingtan River basin, and expands over five Dong townships and towns of Shuangjiang, Huangtu, Pingtan, Longcheng and Pingyang, with a total area of 347.6 square kilometers, and a population of 58,700. In the corridor, there are more than 30 natural Dong villages having 30 households or above. 

Among them, the village of Yutou of Shuangjiang Town, the villages of Hengling Pingtan, Yanglan, Gaobushan in Pingtang Township, and Zhongbu Village and Lutang Village in Longcheng Town are key Dong villages which has been jointly reported and applied for world cultural heritage by Tongdao County, Liping County of Guizhou and Sanjiang County of Guangxi. The place enjoys a long-standing history of Dong culture and has simple folk customs. It is known as the sea of songs, the paradise of dances and the hometown of wines. Walking into the cultural corridor is just like opening a beautiful picture scroll of Chinese Dong culture and customs which combines human and nature in harmony. With beautiful scenery everywhere, and scattered surprises, you will be moved and filled with affection with each step.

Tongdao Dong building is made in Luoyue railing style. It also adopts Chu-style architectural features. It is exquisite in craftsmanship, delicate in structure, beautiful in shape, with distinctive features. It does not use a single nail or rivet. Among them, the drum tower, village gate and wind and rain bridges are the most outstanding. It can be called “three treasures” of Dong architecture. There are totally 7 units and 15 points of cultural heritage under national protection, and 7 units of heritages under provincial protection. It is one of the counties in Dong living areas with the most and best preserved folk architectural culture.Drum Tower is a unique symbol of Dong village, and a symbol of the Dong culture. It is a place for mass gathering, discussions, rest and recreation. The architectural technology of drum tower is classically associated with the Dong architectural culture. It can be said to “possess both the grace of a pavilion and majesty of a pagoda”. In the precinct of Tongdao County, generally there is one drum tower for one village, and also one drum tower for the families with the surname or a clan. Among them, five drum towers are cultural relics under state protection.

Wind and Rain Bridge is also called Blessing Bridge, Flower Bridge or Wind and Water Bridge. In Dong villages of Tongdao, you will not find a single village without a Blessing Bridge. It is not only a transportation facility of people, but also a spirit to intercept the wind and water and protect the villages. In the Hundred Li Dong Cultural Corridor along the Pingtan River basin, the wind and rain bridge, small or big, can be seen everywhere. Among them nine wind and rain bridges are listed as key cultural relics units under state protection.

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