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Enshi Grand Canyon

The Enshi Grand Canyon is located in Tunbao Town, 50km away from Downtown Enshi City, Enshi Tujia & Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Southwest of Hubei Province.The Enshi Grand Canyon is a part of the Qing River Grand Canyon. Located along the 400-kilometer long Qing River, the grand canyon, which runs from Tunbao Town to Mufu Town, is well-known for its steep cliffs and perilous peaks.

The overall length of the Enshi Grand Canyon is about 108 kilometers. With steep canyon walls overlooking the rushing river water and over 200 karst cave formations throughout the area, there are many interesting geographical sights to see. Walking along the river, you can also see the animals that make their homes among the caves and cliffs.There are more than 30 independent peaks towering at heights over 200 meters within the 6 square kilometers surrounded by the Dalou Gate, Zhonglou Gate, and Xiaolou Gate in Mufu Town.

Including two scenic spots of Yunlonghe Canyon and Qixingzhai Mouantian, Enshi Grand Canyon is an area of immense natural beauty with soaring mountains, deep canyons, meandering rivers, and great waterfalls.The mountaintops are high above the skyline and the thousand-zhang waterfalls that tumble to the canyon floor below, feeding the underground rivers that flow through the Qingjiang River Valley of virgin forests and ancient villages. Enshi proudly displays the peaks and valleys of what is known today as China’s Grand Canyon.

Enshi Grand Canyon PK American Garnd Canyon

The Enshi Grand Canyon has a total length of 108 km (67 miles) and the total area is more than 300 sq. km (about 74,000 acres, or 115.8 sq. miles). As it’s only 1.7 miles wide, it makes the canyon long and narrow. By comparison, the American Grand Canyon (1,218,560 acres/ 1,904 sq. miles) could hold sixteen Enshi Grand Canyons.The significant difference of the two is that Enshi Grand Canyon is lush as opposed to the barren desert-like topography of America’s Grand Canyon.Still, all the splendor and physical features that one would find in America’s Grand Canyon are contained within this smaller area, so it makes it a great place to visit for a day trip or longer.

Travel Tips

Transport: At first, you can take bullet train from Wuhan, Chongqing or Chengdu to Enshi City. It's 50km to take bus from Enshi City to Tunbao Townshi.

Visiting days: If you plan to travel to the Enshi Grand Canyon, you'd better make it a one-day trip.

Ticket: 170 CNY 

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