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Hubei Transportation

Hubei is located in the Central China region. The name of the province means "north of the lake", referring to its position north of Dongting Lake. The provincial capital is Wuhan, a major transportation thoroughfare and the political, cultural, and economic hub of Central China.

By Air

Currently, there are four civilian airports in Hubei, namely, Wuhan  Tianhe Airport, Yichang Airport, Xiangyang Airport and Enshi Airport.  In the following eighteen years, Hubei plans to build nine new  airports which are located in Wuhan, Shiyan, Shennongjia, Jingzhou,  Eastern Hubei, Jingmen, Suizhou, Chibi and Tianmen, respectively.

Wuhan Tianhe Airportis the Largest Airport in Central China. After the completion of the third terminal of Wuhan Tianhe Airport in the year of 2014, the annual passenger capacity of the airport will reach 38 million. There are more than 150 domestic and international lines connecting Wuhan with over sixty metropolises inside China and abroad.

By Train

The special geographic location made Hubei as the largest  comprehensive transportation hub in Central China, which bridges the  east and west, the north and south. The railways of Beijing-Kowloon,  Beijing-Guangzhou, Jiaozuo-Zhicheng and Zhicheng-Liuzhou cross Hubei  from north to south, and the railways of Wuhan-Danjiangkou and  Xiangyang-Chongqing go through Hubei from east to west. The in- progress high speed railways connecting Beijing and Guangzhou,  Shanghai and Chengdu join in Hubei.

Wuhan-Guangzhou high speed railway is running at the highest speed in  the world. To be the first into the era of high speed railway, Hubei  has the total railway mileage of 3,300km.

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By Highway

The expressways of Beijing-Zhuhai, Shanghai-Chengdu, Yichang- Huangshi, Huangshi-Huangmei and Wuhan-Shiyan form a net in Hubei Province.In the year 1990, the first expressway in Hubei, i.e. Wuhan-Huangshi  Expressway was open to traffics, which is a breakthrough in  expressway sector in Hubei, and by end of 2011, total mileage of  expressways in Hubei has been reached 4007km.

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By Waterway

By the year of 2010, Wuhan New Port has become the first river port  with the cargo volume reaching 100 million tons in the middle and  lower reaches of Yangtze River. It is estimated that the annual cargo  capacity of the port could exceed 430 million tons by the year of  2030 and Wuhan will become the shipping center in the middle reaches  of Yangtze River.

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