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Hubei Geography

Hubei Province lies in the middle reach of the Yangtze River with an area of 186,000 square kilometers. Situated 108'21"-116'07" east longitude and 29'05"-33'20" north latitude, it got its name from being in the north of the Dongting Lake. The terrain of Hubei Province is high in the west and low in the east and wide open to the south, the Jianghan Plain. Hubei Province is surrounded on three sides (east, west and north) by mountains. Its low and flat middle part is a piece of incomplete basin slightly open towards south. Of the gross area, there are 56% mountains, 24% hills and 20% lowland lake area.

Famous Mountains In Hubei

As to mountains, they are divided into four parts in the province. Northwestern mountains are area extending to the east by Qinling and east section of Daba Mountain. Area extending to the east by Qinling is called Wudang mountain chain, going from northwest to southeast, with lots of mountains. Altitude of ridge of mountains is generally above 1000m, and the highest is Tianzhu Peak of Wudang Mountain with altitude of 1621m. East section of Daba Mountain consists of Shennongjia, Jingshan Mountain and Wushan Mountain, with thick forests and deep river valleys. Peak of Shennongjia is Shennongding with altitude of 3105m, always known as “The First Peak in Central China”.

Wudang Mt

Dabie Mountain

          Wudang Mountain
           Dabie Mountains range
                     Shennongjia Mounatin
Dahong Mountain

Jiugong Mountain

Enshi Grand Canyon
       Dahong Mountain
             Jiugong Mountain                  Enshi Grand Canyon

Famous Lakes & Rivers in Hubei

Hubei has over 1190 rivers with a total length of 35,000km. Currently, the Three Gorges Hyhdropower Plant in Yichang city of Hubei is the largest hydropower plant in the world with the total installed capacity of 22,500 MW and annual power generation of around 100 TWH. It plays an important role in flood control, electricity generation, shipping and tourism. A number of large hydropower plants are also located in Hubei, namely Gezhouba, Geheyan and Danjiangkou.

The Three Gorges Dam

Qing River

Danjiangkou Dam on Han River
        Three Gorges Dam
               Qingjiang River             Han River
East Lake In Wuhan

Lushui Lake

Liangzi Lake
          East Lake in Wuhan               Lushui Lake                           Liangzi Lake 

Famous Geo-parks & Caves in Hubei

Huangshi National Mining Park

Huangxian Cave

Tenglong Cave In Enshi
       Huangshi National Mining Park               Huangxian Cave                    Tenglong Cave
Yinshui Cave

Taiyi Cave

Sanyou Cave
         Yinshui Cave                  Taiyi Cave                 Sanyou Cave 

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