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Han River

Danjiangkou.jpgHan River, locted in Hubei Province, is a branch of the Yangtse River.

Danjiangkou Reservoir 

Shiyan is the water source of “South-North Water Diversion”project.The border of Danjiangkou Reservior and Shiyan is the water source of the middle line of the Project. Danjiangkou Reservoir is a multi-purpose reservoir in Danjiangkou City, Hubei province, and Xichuan County, Henan, Central China. Created by the Danjiangkou Dam, it serves as a supply of water for the region as well as irrigation, electricity generation and flood control. It was constructed in 1958, and at the time was one of the largest reservoirs in Asia.Danjiangkou Reservoir is also the source of the middle route of the huge south-to-north water diversion project. The middle route takes water to northern provinces or cities including Beijing and Tianjin.

Taiji Lake.pngTaiji Lake

Taiji Lake derived its name from diverting water from the south to the north. As the water level of Danjiangkou Reservoir rose, the water reached the foot of Wudang Mountain and formed a lake.Development of the Taiji Lake tourist area will comprise 67 square kilometers with a total investment of 10 billion yuan and will be completed by 2013.

The area will integrate mountains, water and cultural tourism resources.By the beginning of 2011, 1 billion yuan already had been invested. Its overall plan, environmental assessment report and feasibility study have been completed, and the facilities are now under construction.

Dajiu Lake

Dajiu Lake is located in Dajiuhu National Wetland Park, southeast Shennongjia Natural Conservation Region of Hubei province.Dajiuhu National Wetland Park is the largest and highest wetland in central China. It is surrounded by mountains and a total of nine different lakes are connected by a flowing stream. The nine lakes compose the Dajiu Lake, which means “nine big lakes” in Chinese.

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